dec 24
Sleep Numbers About 5 or 6 years ago, I decided to form better sleep habits. I had spent too much of the previous decade in sleep deprivation and even when I was getting sufficient quantities of sleep, my bed times were wildly inconsistent. In graduate school, I had made such a habit
oct 5
Puzzle Corner The only paper periodical that is still delivered to my house is MIT’s Technology Review. In the back of every issue, there is a section called Puzzle Corner. As the name implies, it includes puzzles. It’s really an amazing column and has a long history; it has been edited by


aug 20
PHP and the case of swallowed errors In an effort to write more, I'm considering cataloging more of the things I learn on a day-to-day basis. This post certainly falls into that category of posts. We recently solved the mystery behind a pattern of failures that have been happening very infrequently over a long period of time.


jan 29
S(h)ave The Beard? I read on the Internet that the beard trend is over. That's great news because I'm not trendy and I decided to stop shaving at the beginning of the year. I made it a few weeks without arousing any suspicion that I intended to keep the beard, but now it's


dec 3
The Holy Fear As texts for sharing useful guidance and wisdom, religious texts are pretty much the worst. Visit the front page of any news site right now and there is a decent chance that much of the reported violence is rationalized by the teachings of one of these texts. Meanwhile, my Facebook
jan 9
Don't Lose $2,000 to Comcast Business This is a post I don't even want to write. I like building things and writing about building things and I generally don't like bellowing to the Internet when something doesn't go quite as well as expected. But the more I've chatted with people about my experience with Comcast Business,


nov 30
SURFing The Charles Earlier this month, I assembled some photos of the Charles River into a time lapse montage. It was a fun project even if it wasn't very novel. A while back a friend of mine suggested that I write more about the construction of these little projects. I figured I would
nov 8
A Morning On The Charles In 2006, my friend Myoung Lah and a group of housemates set a tripod atop Baker House at MIT and painstakingly moved the camera by hand at regular intervals to produce about 1,000 different photos from 6 distinct angles along the Charles River. They apparently did this in shifts for
feb 3
The Pleasant Places to Live Where in the U.S. will you find the most “pleasant” days in a year? “pleasant” here means the mean temperature was between (55° F and 75° F), the minimum temperature was above 45° F, the maximum temperature was below 85° F and there was no significant precipitation or snow depth.


nov 11
Puzzling A few weeks back, I took some time off for a bit of recharging. That gave me some time to do things that might normally get prioritized out of my schedule, like familiarizing myself with other growing startups in the Atlanta area. I set out reading a number of startup
feb 27
innerText vs. textContent Why does innerText require layout? I ended with that question in my previous post about layout thrashing. Just to recap briefly, there are very common patterns of use in the DOM APIs that cause terrible performance due to unnecessary layout. These posts highlight some of the oddities that I’ve found
jan 26
On Layout & Web Performance Outside of initial page load problems, “layout thrashing” is the most common performance problem I see in dynamic web applications. This is particularly true for Single Page Applications which build and destroy views on the fly. However, I’m often amazed by the number of web developers I run into who


nov 28
When you'll get some The distribution of birthdays throughout the year is not uniform. I always suspect that to be the case but for some unknown reason I never investigated it until last week. At this point, I don’t even remember why I was investigating it. But the data suggests that every year there
may 4
Inspiration must find you working As a person who builds things, I constantly struggle with what I should be working on right now. You probably do too. But years ago, I thought it was just me. I was naive. I thought I had too many ideas and not enough fingers. Now I know that everyone


feb 12
No, we don't do synchronous There are a few questions I see repeatedly on the GWT developers list, and one of the most common seems to be why in the world we were so clueless as to forget to support synchronous XMLHttpRequest. Ok, most of the people asking don't call us clueless; they simply ask


dec 17
In the open Another month, another release candidate for GWT. This one is a little different though. We actually tried really hard not to make changes. Yet, we edited almost every file in the source tree. Oh good, a riddle, could it be … open source. Yes, the source code for all of
nov 16
Released. And, we're live. The downloads went up for Google Web Toolkit 1.2 this morning. I'm excited about it. It's the first official release I've been involved in since I got to Google . Plus, there's some good stuff in there: A number of bug fixes, some serious speed improvements to
oct 30
Relaxation Scheme I'm still decompressing after last week; I had forgotten how much I love the mad scramble to put the finishing touches on a release. The successive waves of frustration and triumph have always played to one of my strengths, stubbornness. And trust me when I say, it took much stubbornness
sep 29
Welcome to Atlanta For those who last heard from us when I was extolling the virtues of puckless homes who are wondering if we are currently living either on the streets of Atlanta or perhaps with Ludacris, I can assure you that we are under our own, very new, and very non-leaky roof.
aug 17
Home is where the puck is We're two weeks out from our grand farewell to the Northeast, and still Steph and I don't have a place to live in Atlanta. This might come as a shock to many of you with whom we have exchanged emails describing a picture perfect little classic Atlanta home in the
aug 5
Spectral Clustering About a year ago, I was interested in mining RSS content. At the same time, I was taking a mathematical modeling class and opted to spend my final project playing with Spectral Clustering. Which is just a colorful name for taking some data and breaking it up into groups. With
jul 13
And for my next act … I will be playing the part of a Googler. Today, I officially accepted a position at Google working with the Web Toolkit team. As you can imagine, I'm extremely excited to be working for a company with a reputation for doing cool things in an elegant and ethical manner. The
jun 28
Pascal's Triangle in Ruby My friend Brent posted a solution to the most recent ruby quiz today. When I saw it, I tried to put it out of my mind. But curiosity, coupled with the fact that I seldom get to write any ruby these days, finally proved too much. As an act of
jun 16
1 in 329,373 Today marked the end of my second week down at IBM. So far things are going very well. The work is interesting, the people are intelligent and friendly and the coffee is offered in the cafeteria for a reasonable price (free). But while I settle into my little work community
jun 3
What Next? Now that the thesis is finished, “how is the thesis going?” has given way to a new question: “what next?” Personally, I wasn't planning anything except a little Guinness and maybe some trips to the local skatepark with Trey. But alas, I guess it is true what they say. I
jun 2
Thesis Done. The thesis is done. I would say more about how satisfying it is to have a lump of 90 pages sitting in front of you all bearing your mark of authorship. Or, how shocking it seems to have just fulfilled the final requirement for an MIT degree. But alas, I
apr 21
Digging Democracy Lately, my fondness for Pierre Levy's Collective Intelligence ideas have kicked in again. This is partly due to some writing we did a few weeks ago about OPENSTUDIO and partly because a lot of goings on seem to be reflecting those ideas. The most recent reflection comes by way of
feb 19
Bouncing Ball This has actually been in my archives for over a year now. It was originally part of a warm-up assignment for Neil Gershenfeld's class, The Nature of Mathematical Modeling. The class always begins with the simple assignment to simulate a bouncing ball in a few different programming environments just to
feb 5
On Rails A couple of weeks ago I did another one of those infamous infrastructure overhauls to this site where all the perfectly functional pylons are quickly knocked out and in that split second before the whole thing falls down something new is rammed underneath. It's really an entertaining and nerdy experience,
jan 4
Happy New Year   The end of year has arrived and for me that means that I am actually aware of the current year for about two weeks before I started to get confused again about whether it is currently 2006 or if that was the year that just passed. I've tried to


dec 20
Save Your Design The thing about the UI class is that it's known around campus for the amount of work it requires as part of the final project. Given the fact that I've seen someone levitate a lit light bulb as part of a final project at MIT, this should tell you something
nov 26
Tokyo I'm back from five days in Tokyo just in time to be crushed by the end of the term, which was not designed to accommodate spending four days in Tokyo. Nothing to do now but try to do three weeks of work in two days and not get too worked
nov 11
OPENSTUDIO is OPEN For those who were at the AIGA conference and picked up one of the postcards designed by Brent Fitzgerald, you may now enter your code, claim your 100 Buraks and begin making and buying works. For those who are interested but don't have a special postcard, stay tuned we're going
sep 28
OPENSTUDIO@AIGA After a few sleepless nights and what must’ve been several gallons of very harsh Media Lab coffee, the PLW managed to scramble up a debut for OPENSTUDIO at the 2005 AIGA Design Conference. Initially we had planned for a full on release, but the scheduling proved a little too tight
aug 9
DID Camp 2005 Digial Information Design Camp 2005 Gallery I haven’t posted as much as I had hoped this summer and my excuse, at least for the past five weeks, is all the activity in and around the AIGA Digital Information Design Camp. My advisor decided to go forward with something he has
jun 20
Tiger Time When OS X Tiger was released last month, I was eager to upgrade everything with a little apple on the side. With final projects looming, though, I only made it as far as my home workstation. My G5 at the lab was just too critical to finishing my projects to
jun 6
The G stands for Gullible Just when I get settled in a comfy spot …eviction! I’m sure everyone has seen the headlines by now; Apple has formed a new partnership with Intel. This pretty much means a (not so) gradual discontinuation of the current PowerPC architecture in favor of the x86 architecture that you find
may 26
OSX Sharing Name ?Like most geeks, a healthy portion of my desktop space is consumed by meticulously aligned command shells. I'm always flipping from shell to shell (thanks to iTerm) and usually from machine to machine. As a result, my shells all bear the usual geek branding of the personalized prompt which includes
may 24
Σ(t ∈ sp05) term The dreaded Spring term has finally ended, giving me some much needed breathing room to do things like post meaningless entries here about how I never post … um … here. That’s good enough for me though; it’s not like I can go outside or anything thanks to the beautiful
mar 22
Spring Broke Spring Break has finally arrived: no classes, no problem sets, no projects, no time-off and, of course, no sleep. At the end of this week, the Simplicity Consortium is hosting a two-day event at the Cape, which will feature, among other things, demos and presentations of our group’s work. As
mar 17
More stupid smart schools So It seems that others are on the short bus with Harvard in their decision to not admit business school applicants who directed their browsers to certain URLs on ApplyYourself’s obviously flawed decision delivery web site. Carnegie Mellon seems to have been the first, with Harvard following closely behind and
mar 12
Don't look now, reject. Many people have been writing about the Harvard admissions fudge-up this week, and all I can add to the discussion is: man am I glad I'm not doing that stuff anymore. Once upon a not so long ago when I was at Connexxia, we all dreaded the yearly delivery of
jan 21
Snowflake-a-thon postscript It’s been very cold here in Cambridge this week; the desktop weather monitor was displaying a frightening 2 degrees last night just before I made my way to bed … without taking into account the wind chill. While the frigid air may be unsuitable for walking to the bus, it
jan 10
Stuffit … exactly Over the weekend, something in my Stuffit Expander installation on my Mac at home went wonky. Usually, when I download a zipped file and open it directly with SE, there is a brief moment of bouncing icon spectacle before a new folder conveniently lands on my Desktop, uncompressed and ready
jan 8
Snowflake-A-Thon I designed this ad, including the Mathematica fractal code, in about half an hour to announce an upcoming programming competition at the Media Lab. The ad will be running in Tuesday’s issue of The Tech. Sponsored by the Simplicity Consortium, the competition rewards the simplest program that generates the most
jan 5
Sold!! This has been in the works for quite some time now, but I couldn’t say anything until the official public announcement was released. Connexxia, the company that I helped to found back in 2000, has sold to James Tower, Inc. up in sunny North Mankato, Minnesota. There is a press
jan 2
Happy New Year I'm finally back from our holiday travels. We did well over forty hours of driving over a vacation that spanned less than two weeks. I will very happily walk to the bus tomorrow. From now on, when we go to Georgia, we'll do as the geese do and fly south.


dec 20
Reflections on Finals Week It is official, I have survived my first bout with an MIT finals week. There were quite a few times when I wasn't sure if I would, but I woke up late Friday with only a piecemeal recollection of the previous eight days and some email records acknowledging receipt of
dec 8
MIT Spotlight Burak and I put together an MIT spotlight (featured on the MIT home page) to promote the online exhibition of this year's MAS110 class. For the online portion, I'm only responsible for the photo that is running on the homepage; Burak gets the credit for the excellent design of the
nov 14
Light Snow!! Looking from the apartment window at night, the neighboring cemetery is much brighter than usual. The wind is whirling around the corners of the building creating little white dust tornadoes. As far as we can see, Cambridge has remade itself into some Dr. Seuss land with clever rhymes and soft
nov 2
RGB over SVG In a few minutes of quiet time last week, I started writing a little API for generating SVG documents algorithmically. It's nowhere near where I want it to be, but since rectangles seemed to be working reliably, I coded up one of those cute iterative structures that seem all the
nov 1
Magazine of the Future In the wake of demo-saturated sponsor week, I decided, despite my lack of any screen charm, that I would post a link to my part in a series of videos the group shot in exploring some opportunities for the future of the magazine. In the span of about twenty-four hours,
oct 20
Sponsor Days I will apologize in advance for posting yet another “life at the Media Lab” article, but there isn't much more for me to write about. Lately, my world contains only two environments: the PLW studio and public transportation. It wasn't until last night that I was even aware of baseball
sep 26
Opportunity My adviser, John Maeda, keeps reminding me that the Media Lab is what you make of it. Some people treat it like a nine-to-five job, he explains, while others are permanent lab fixtures. I never remember the exact words, and each of the three or four times he's given me
sep 5
Welcome to MIT … dumbass. UPDATE: Some students were notified that they had to take technical writing, and I wasn't. So for now, it seems I am ok. A couple of things became very clear to me during my first week at the Media Lab. First, there is a finite number of hours in the
sep 1
out of the gate Though somewhat unexpected, today turned out to be my day of initiation into the PLW. Just before lunch, I dropped by to see if there were any familiar faces working in the lab. I stumbled across Noah, who brought me up to speed and pointed out two ridiculously large flat
aug 28
We've arrived. By dint of perserverance, we now have a Cambridge address. The move went as well as any other out-of-state move, complete with that desparate feeling of homelessness that accompanies you through states that seem increasingly less like the one you just left. On the upside, the furniture and equipment casualties
aug 16
Butterflies I woke up the morning of my wedding terrified. It wasn't for all the reasons people had warned, but I woke up at sunrise and couldn't fall back asleep. In the previous weeks I was told on several occasions that I was far too calm and that the realization of
aug 12
Introducing another redesign The day the previous design went live I began to regret moving the blog content directly to the home page. I had for good reason kept it relegated to its own section in all of my previous designs, but I convinced myself to go against my intuition for the sake
jul 16
“it's only for a few years” After much heartache, I think that Stephanie and I have finally found a place to live in Boston. We may be in for a very rude awakening when we arrive since we had to do much of the shopping from Atlanta, but we have at least avoided sleeping in the
jun 16
Happy Bloom'sDay Today is Bloomsday. This same day, 100 years ago, is the setting of a not so ordinary book that chronicles an ordinary man’s journey through the streets of his very ordinary town thinking shockingly ordinary thoughts. The irony, as people thrill themselves pointing out, is that it takes more than
jun 12
An Epic Stupidity I finally had the misfortune of seeing Troy last night. There’s $14 and two and a half hours that could have been better spent getting absurdly drunk. Either way, I would have suffered the same nausea. Now before I continue into a rant about dim witted, senseless deviations from the
jun 4
'Tis a small one after all. Design by Fire, which I keep tabs on, is running another hilarious installment of Gurus v. Bloggers, where Andrei He…Her… the guy who does the site pits industry gurus against respected members of the blog community in a “Celebrity Deathmatch Style” design take-down. Both rounds have been thoroughly entertaining, but
jun 2
yes. Over the weekend, my life took another dramatic step forward. I somehow convinced Stephanie to agree to marry me. She and I have been together since September of 2002 and she and Trey are the primary reason why the past year and a half have been both happy and productive.
apr 22
Geek Quiz Here’s some geeky fun for everyone. I was reading some random blog entry at some random url the other day. There someone was describing a question they had been asked at a job interview. A solution did not immediately come to mind, so I figured I was lucky to have
apr 16
in the news This is one of the joys of growing up in a small town. Today’s Cordele Dispatch is running a story (Norton ‘has always had a love of how things worked’) about my acceptance to the Media Lab. While I haven’t yet seen the full text, I’m sure it will only
apr 2
the secret decoder ring Surely everyone checked thinkgeek today for April fool’s day specials. And surely, no one could stand not decoding the Magic Supersecret Binary T-Shirt. I know I couldn’t: #!/usr/bin/perl $/=sub{s/\s//g;pack('B*',$_) .$&};print&{$/}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
apr 1
no april fool, it’s a real design. Usually at this time every year, I am scrambling trying to put together something for April Fool’s Day. Putting together spoof pages is a lot of fun and hacking the company printer is even more fun, but time overtook me this year. Instead, I decided to push ahead on the
mar 16
good news I started writing an entry this weekend about my visits to New York and Boston, but I still haven't finished them. I will go back and revise them and let the email I just received tell part of the story: Dear Mr. Norton We are pleased to inform you that
mar 3
untitled By way of a strange chain of events, I am currently sitting inside of MIT’s Media Lab. I will explain more about that later tonight hopefully. The place is interesting, the people even more so. I’ve spent most of the day sitting, watching the members of the PLW get things
feb 21
untitled I got my copy of THE GREY ALBUM in case EMI makes it go away. I was pleasantly surprised to find it’s a good album. As a matter of principle, it is a great album. The short story is that DJ Danger Mouse created The Grey Album, a mix of
feb 19
the sandburg goats Well, first we missed the exit onto 25. On the way to Asheville, it is easy enough to go from 25 to 26, but it’s less obvious on the return trip so we missed the first exit. Stephanie was on the phone at the time, and I interrupted her conversation
feb 11
Wired: Living Machines I know this appeared on Slashdot last week, but that doesn’t really make it any less interesting. Wired’s February issue is running an article called “Living Machines” with the grab line “Technology and biology are converging fast. The result will transform everything from engineering to art - and redefine life
feb 9
Fire-whacha-ma-call-it Hey look kids, another Phoenix err Firebird err Firefox err screw it, download Mozilla. If you have the wherewithal to keep up with all the name changes, you can probably build mozilla from source. Nice icon though. I suppose the parallelism is gone forever since Thunderfox sounds really dumb.
feb 6
molting. I decided to switch back to my all-time favorite skin. With any luck, I will get a new site up in the next few weeks and this area will become an archive of old posts. The adrenaline molecule was just no longer tolerable considering I’m not going to create any
feb 6
Firebird 0.8 cometh soon According to rumors, Monday will bring Mozilla Firebird 0.8. Just mind the install. Firebird and Thunderbird have both persisted on my desktop for some time now despite my pickiness. In fact, I get very annoyed when I am forced back into IE6 and even more annoyed when I have to
jan 25
untitled Four hours of sleep, eighteen hours of work; my Friday was pretty taxing but I'm determined to finish some things that I've started. The item of interest on Friday was a particularly cool (in my opinion) database backed object. Actually, the whole framework I've been working on is particuarly cool.
jan 22
untitled Well…that was a nice break. It seems as if a lot should have happened since I last posted. I suspect it did, though I don’t much remember it. A few things I remember, of course, but enough to account for more than a day or two. I take that back,


oct 22
untitled If we have learned anything in the past 2 days, it is that you are just as well off having a homicidal ex-soldier represent you in court proceedings as appointed counsel. The judge’s remark that the DC sniper “appears to be representing himself competently” suggests he has actually surpassed the
oct 1
untitled Well, my web address is up and running happily but emailing me for the next few days may be hit or miss. Dreamhost shot apart the last of my good graces last night when they inexplicably let their own domain expire. Unfortunately for those of us under their care, our
sep 23
untitled Today had started off bad enough, a sinus headache, an overcast sky and the general feeling of Monday. If I hadn’t been expected at the Audi dealership by 8:30, I would have tagged the alarm clock and gone back to sleep for a couple more hours holding out the unlikely
sep 18
untitled Londinium – best bloody movie I’ve seen in months. I made a quick pass through the HBO’s as I was sitting down to eat a bowl of Spanish rice and was about to accept my fate and watch a few minutes of Mr. Deeds when a chubby version of Colin
sep 16
untitled Last week started dramatically enough with a wail from my dying hard drive. A wail that meant I had shamefully let a couple of projects ride without backup for a few weeks and probability was arriving early to collect. Fortunately for me, Walter also arrived with a suitable adapter and
aug 28
Stereoscopic DIY A few weeks ago with arm painfully twisted, I went to see Spy Kids 3-D. It is not a movie I would have picked if left to my own devices, but I was attending in compliance with someone else’s devices so that took care of that. And, to be honest,
aug 12
untitled For reasons unknown and probably insignificant, I decided to post my kludgey moveable type plugin code for extracting EXIF and the embedded Maker Note for Canon cameras. It is virtually untested, except on my photo blog and my camera (Canon Powershot G2). The simple little plugin reads out the EXIF
jul 27
Brooks & Dunn Last week was a tough one, as it brought about an end to my long overdue vacation and then quickly deteriorated into two days of management level meetings. The weekend that follows a vacation is never much of a weekend, so I veered off the beaten path and accepted an
jul 23
Mexico Beach I just returned from a much needed, but far too brief, beach vacation in Mexico Beach which is no where near Mexico as the name seems to imply but on Florida’s panhandle, the forgotten (redneck) coast. My grandparents bought several weeks at a timeshare a few years ago intending to
jul 15
untitled I once used the term “Pyrrhic victory” in a presentation when I was in graduate school and someone stopped me to ask what it meant. I struggled to recount the tale of Pyrrhus’ assaults on Italy and Sicily and his supposedly saying “Another such victory and I shall be ruined,”
jul 9
untitled I’m not sure what Dreamhost is up to, but earlier today my site was featuring content from April. Of course, it was hard to see since the server was only reachable about one out of ten tries. I guess I was witnessing the recover option working through incremental backups or
jun 17
untitled We’re on the brink of another of those dreaded warm weather thunderstorms. They come far too frequently these days and usually at night when there is the strong expectation of quiet. In fact, the rumble of approaching thunder is not near as bad as the absence of chirping crickets, when
jun 14
untitled As I have reported before, I have a great appreciation for the many social uses of mascot costumes. That appreciation was only strengthened when even more uses were revealed. And this video (link courtesy of the Noodle), proves that mascot costumes may be the basis for a whole new sub
jun 10
untitled radiohead: [ new album ] [ new site ] yes, i do like the new album. having listened to the live cuts for several months now, and reading the band member’s comments about the album’s supposed pop-ness, i was growing concerned that the experimental styles of kid a and amnesiac
jun 6
untitled City Lights just turned 50; I have a good mind to pack a small bag and set out across the country. I’m just afraid that in keeping with the On The Road theme, Noodle might great me at the door naked.
may 28
untitled Hm, let me get this straight: Apple sells you a subscription to a service with a set of cool features. You pay your money for said service based on those features. Apple then provides you with an “update” a month or so later that reduces the feature set. Yeah, I
may 12
untitled 2003: A noodle odyssey Despite my best efforts, Dr and Mrs. Noodle and his wife Amy set out for a 3 hour tour today … a 3 hour tour. The Noodle has prepared for himself one of those mad scientist positions at Sandia national labs, where he’ll be answering to
may 8
untitled Some days prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are far more stupid that you look and other days it is clearer that the realization would even hold if you were wearing in a squirrel costume.
may 1
untitled Assuming this story (“Patriot Raid”) is true, It is some more evidence that the Patriot (sic) Acts are the most egregious attacks on citizen rights in decades: “You have no right to hold us,” Asher insisted. “Yes, we have every right,” responded one of the agents. “You are being held
apr 29
untitled Though I just brought my reading section back online, I think the time has come to retire it in favor of a “notebook” – a collection of concise writings and transcriptions that are informed by what I have read, surfed over, or thought about in the shower. This gives me
apr 22
Officials Rise Up to Defy The Patriot Act Local Officials Rise Up to Defy The Patriot Act If you are not yet familiar with The Patriot Act, I would suggest that you do a little background reading and consider its repercussions (1,2,3,4). If its provisions are not alarming, I would then suggest that you do some more reading:
apr 21
Graphic C# A couple of weeks ago, I decide to port at least one of my little graphics projects over to C#. I was interested to see if I could take advantage of the “Microsoft finds ways to make its own products run faster than others while supposedly using the same API's”
apr 13
untitled Hm, technially, doesn’t Walmart provide a more extensive version of this service? Surely, nothing prevents me from walking into one of Walmart’s hideously colored, defective product selling, local merchant stomping, eye sores and remembering the barcode for a tube of Crest toothpaste. It is something completely different if I go
apr 11
I'm Tired. I've spent most of the week fighting fatigue…not for any specific reason; it just seems to be one of those weeks when it is impossible to get enough sleep. In truth, it probably has more to do with waning motivation to get my ass out of bed than anything. Either
apr 7
Building a Better Human The Sunday Living Section of the AJC had an interesting article entitled “Building a better human,” which briefly explores the ethical concerns and potential philosophical redefinitions of ”being human” which are being rehashed with news that a British doctor is asking permission to perform a face transplant. Shifts in self-identity
apr 1
untitled A description of my contribution to April Fool’s Day 2003: “Printers, Proxies, and Pranksters”
apr 1
Happy April Fool's Day Ah, April Fool's Day – The holiday has been described as the most important online holiday of the year. Unfortunately, the chicanery seems sparse this year. MIT decided to unveil their new site which emphasizes the “hack”, so a non-prank that celebrates the prank on a day reserved for pranks.
mar 27
God Bless Free Speech So much for Al Jazeera's attempts to reach English readers at http://english.aljazeera.net. The DNS entries for all of aljazeera.net are now resolving to an Exodus owned IP address (currently a machine named jerry.exodus.net) which carries the message: This message brought to you by: Freedom Cyber Force Militia GOD BLESS OUR
mar 26
Phódo Fix I finally fixed my phódo section so that Gecko rendering actually looks somewhat decent. “Fixed”, of course, being a matter of opinion as it required the use of dreaded tables to define presentation structure that mozilla could not deduce from the Cascading Style Sheets. Let it be noted that I
mar 26
Harvard H2O Projects Ripped from /. (“slashdot”) : http://h2o.law.harvard.edu/ “The H2O project is building an interlocking collection of communities based on the free creation and exchange of ideas.” Pseudo-open courseware seems to be all the rage these days in Boston. It is somewhat predictable that the most effective electronic learning enhancement systems have
mar 22
A New Schedule Posts have been sparse lately I know. In a fit of masochism or disillusion I decided to thoroughly change my daily routine from one where I sleep away the mornings so that I can work into the night to one where I will see the sun make its debut every
mar 13
The Myth of Interference The myth of interference is an article over in Salon's technology section that presents David Reed's argument that RF spectrum is unnecessarily regulated by the FCC and that our current system of granting exclusive use of a “color” is literally based on a bit of irrational fear that followed the
mar 12
L'Absurde « … and a side of Imperialist Toast please ? » I am sure that the French government had to call an emergency session to cut their losses before they suffer any more drastic cultural losses, like kisses or poodles. The official decision comes as a relief as we all
mar 12
It's Undisputed A buddy of mine, Chris Courtenay, pointed out this Onion headline just moments before accusing me of submitting it. I have apparently mentioned more than once my hometown's illustrious and self-proclaimed title. At least two other cities make similar claims to melon fame, and there was even talk of a
mar 3
Can machines think? Using Game Theory to pass the Turing Test: Alan Turing, in 1950, proposed a simple game to answer the question “Can machines think?” The Turing Test is generally understood as a game where a human interrogator is connected to one person and one machine through a computer terminal so that
feb 28
untitled Whatda I think? I think the methodology is suspect to say the least.
feb 27
Content Management Conference Tomorrow begins a refracted week, one where time is perceived to have been bent significantly to compress or exclude at least one full day; this is the toll of travel. I left on Tuesday night heading for the Jupiter Research sponsored conference on Content Management in Manhattan and returned tonight,
feb 22
I am introvert … I don't roar It's not a choice, it's you not shutting up. Tongue in cheek article about the misunderstood and neglected world of the introvert. My name is kellegous, and I'm a flaming introvert. P.S. I hate the phrase “tongue in cheek”
feb 21
Advice for Students: Study Hard or Be Rich Many Colleges Bend Rules To Admit Rich Applicants This article circulated our office today and incited some pretty strong reaction from a couple of folks. Daniel Golden from the Wall Street Journal continues the trend of Duke bashing that has swept the nation ever since Rachael Toor's Admissions Confidential was
feb 19
Snowed in Boston By Sunday night, the local meteorologist had made it abundantly clear that our weekend trip to Boston would be extending into the following week. The bidding began at 12” of snow and increased with each successive news break. When the sun came up on Monday, the roads were clear and
feb 14
untitled Judging by the frequency of take-offs and landings at nearby Dobbins Air Force base in the past three day, I would hedge all bets against war quickly. The density of the stream of C130's moving through Dobbins has been a reasonably accurate predictor in the past, so I expect that
feb 12
untitled random thoughts: On Immortality & Employment At odds have always been the notions of an individual's personal aspirations and an organization's capitalist objectives. Individuals are employed to further the cause of the corporate organization and are given in exchange limited freedom which affords them the opportunity to pursue their own
feb 12
Kevin Freed but Hacked. Patch Kevin! ( courtesy the noodle )
feb 7
untitled revamp #1: the Current Myx (requires flash 6) Having completely lost interest in building a complete database system for my mp3's, I decided to replace that entire area with something less ambitious. it is by no means thoroughly tested, so email me (or leave a comment) if you have problems.
feb 3
untitled Objectivity seems so intimately tied to the concept of patria potestas, the right granted to the father of the Roman family to dispose of the life of his children and his slaves. Subjectivity seems simply human. Man would have man at his prime be no more than machine, and thought
jan 28
After and all-nighter … After an all-nighter, expect to be isolated in a bubble wrap shell of synesthesia. Expect the adjective “hyper-calm” to have some meaning and relevance. The air is neither cold nor hot, but the heater articulates its position more clearly than ever. From up stairs, it is clear that the downstairs
jan 24
kellegous.com, now at dreamhost With very moderate hassle (so far), kellegous.com has a new home over at dreamhost.com. As is usually the case with a move, I have taken a few things offline figuring the overdue renovations should probably take place before I put too much effort into repotting. There should be at least
jan 15
Scratching Monday night was the first time I heard the scratching. Of course it seemed to be coming from inside my heater which is accustomed to making a wide ranging and ever expanding catalog of sounds. Right now, for instance, it is imitating a cricket sitting inside of a tin cup,
jan 15
untitled Mrs. Stockmann. Let us hope it won't be the wolves that will drive you out of the country, Thomas. Dr. Stockmann. Are you out of your mind, Katherine? Drive me out! Now--when I am the strongest man in the town! Mrs. Stockmann. The strongest--now? Dr. Stockmann. Yes, and I will
jan 8
Insured One of the downsides of working for a startup has always been the realization that when you bust your head open playing full contact foosball in the board room there is little to no health coverage to put you back together again. So, let me preface all this drivel by
jan 1
a declaration Right now I feel the usual relief at being done with the holidays. Christmas was relatively quiet, and provided some much needed rest, which I promptly burned off in the week that followed by hitting the bed between 4 and 5 each morning. If only I could better resist the


dec 23
untitled More reading for those who are appalled at the thought of not permanently sacrificing civil rights in the wake of September 11th: Buy a Flight Manual, Get a Grand Jury Subpoena. If only domestic security were as easy as removing penny loafers and harassing eBay customers, Israel might be able
dec 23
safety I feel much safer now that pregnant women are being molested in airports; they are an absolute menace. If I were the one systematically removing citizen's rights, I would have my Department of Homeland Security begin to gather intelligence data on other dangerous “terrorist”? groups, like PTA's and Shriners.
dec 17
Pat Pat was the first friend I ever had who smoked and even at fourteen I seldom saw him without a thin trail of smoke rising up into his face. Of course, like most fifteen year old smokers, it took a great deal of determination to maintain the habit. He was
dec 13
When I last saw you… E: When I last saw you, you were frustrated and convinced that you were off track. Now I see you again and you are still frustrated and still convinced that you are off track. Is there any end to this? W: So long as there is frustration, all can't be
dec 6
positive thoughts Judging by the way I'm beginning to drag and by the way my head swims while my throat burns, I may be getting sick. Then again it could just be fatigue; it usually is. Then, there is the matter of the three plates of All-You-Can-Eat Pork that I had from
dec 4
no firewood Today: Bitter cold Talk of suspect weather Shiny rain soaked streets Hot chunky soup followed by excessively large cappuccino Office glass bespattered with fine drops of half-rain Light rush hour traffic Early darkness No firewood Silence.
dec 3
recent order So that my status as a card carrying Electrical Engineer can never be challenged, I give you my most recent order. I figure this board will be sufficient to entertain me through a few random and oh so nerdy projects. Software just doesn't satisfy when what you need to play
dec 2
lyrical, epical, dramatic 10am lyrical — I stare indifferently at the row of boxes, each containing a different coffee flavor. The trick to indifference is to assign a system that hides its own randomness through similarly arbitrary processes. I, therefore, am unable to have Caffé Midnight as I had it last Thursday when
nov 21
Mathematica as a Design Tool I'm not completely sure why I wrote this example of how to render 3d graphs from mathematica for design purposes, but I did: Mathematica as a Design Tool
nov 21
Dr. Noodle That's Dr. Noodle to you! Craig has done the impossible; his dissertation is proposed, defended and signed. My boy's got mad smarts. Nothing left to do now but undergo a rigorous body cleansing exercise that experts call “excessive drinking” until graduation rolls around. Watching Craig hammer through his 270 page
nov 14
Boom Boom Huck Jam Besides the fact that the skaters spent more time hiking to the top of the ramp after bailing than they did skating, Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam Tour was well worth the price of admission. As is usually the case at these “extreme sports” events, moto-x proved to be
nov 9
cleaning My week of cleaning is coming to a close. The apartment is still not where I had envisioned it at the beginning of the week, but I am at least twice as tired as I had anticipated. The good news is that the floor is no longer littered with out-of-date
nov 6
balance For the past month, my good days have been alarmingly frequent. I've been getting things in order, setting things straight, mending things broken, attending to things neglected and remaining uncharacteristically cool when those things resist. Even the unending string of rainy days did little to curb my contentment. In a
nov 5
waiting This week was already shaping up to the much longer than I anticipated, and then the rain showed up. The rain comes in on big tiger feet and sloshes around outside of my open window keeping me awake. I roll over and face the opposite wall but under my eyelids
nov 4
A Brief and Informal Defense of Kerouac Last night after I finally took the time to read the remaining two-thirds of Tao Te Ching the only book fit to follow was The Dharma Bums which has been sitting on my shelf since Christmas waiting for my mood to take me away from the pedantic and back into
nov 1
something else something else.
oct 30
something something.
oct 29
A fortunate encounter at GreatClips So, I'm sitting in the chair at GreatClips getting 2 month's worth of mop chewed from the top of my head when an old guy walks through the open door and straight up to the desk. The three college aged guys peer up from their out-of-date magazines and snicker at
oct 29
radiohead freebies If you happen to be a radiohead fan, there is cool stuff for the snatching here. (including some stuff slated to appear on the next album). If you also happen to have a *nix machine, you could even do something like this: #!/usr/bin/perl foreach ( scalar(`lynx -source http://www.jonnygreenwood.com/audio/`), scalar(`lynx -source
oct 24
the absurd device It seems unfair to be sitting here with my heart thumping lively in my chest, to consider that the preacher's heart is probably doing the same with the fifty other hearts facing him at the front of the chapel. The heart, one big muscle pump forcing ketchup into little sausage
oct 15
philosophy quiz I thought I knew something about philosophy, but apparently not. I've only managed a 0.56 on The Philosophers Magazine Interactive Philosophy Quiz.
oct 15
jack's river I could not longer keep my arms around the protean world; I had to find something more constant. I had to find that place where things remain where you leave them, where once I stepped over a fallen tree and fully expect to step over it again. It was several
oct 5
ten stories I pressed my palms to the glass to stop the advancement of a couple of beads of sweat that were racing through the bend of my elbow. The lights of speeding cars veering off in every direction below made the sweaty film glisten on my arm and I assumed my
oct 1
untitled Ok, no more life events to be posted here. Instead, you will all be treated to endless tales of a tyrannized colony of fox squirrels as they face the perils of logging, boys with sling shots and Arbor Day parades. God, anything but life events!
sep 29
new week Last week was an entirely new week; nothing of the prefabricated chain of undistinguishable days that usually constitutes a week. Everywhere change rippled over the top of things like late afternoon shadows out in front of a speeding car. Even the soaking rain sounded different outside of the upstairs window.
sep 25
untitled Oops, I almost forgot that I have a blog.
sep 25
grow old when i grow old, i want to be the man who sees birds sitting where birds never go. i want to dress with the finest apparel that is at least ten years out of style, and walk to places swinging a walking stick and tipping my cap when driving would
sep 20
Linus & Lucy These are the only artifacts from my weekend of puppy-sitting that didn't qualify as either a stain or a scar. The rain kept Linus and Lucy cooped up for most of the weekend, so on Sunday they were anxious for some good quality backyard puppy mischief.
sep 18
untitled I'm up to my earballs in Software Engineering methodologies. Me, being sometimes neurotic and sometimes just plain idiotic, has decided that we need to patch some of the internal development processes at work before we embark on a big upcoming project. I started listing out problems and looking for ways
sep 18
don't steal my bandwidth Attention Rex Manning fans, to your left you will notice a shoplifter being chased by our night manager Lucas. This young man will be caught, dipped in a vat of hot oil and served to our first one hundred customers. Just another tasty treat from the gang here at [kellegous.com].
sep 16
For LEGO fans LEGO fan growing up? “Just imagine” wasting similar amounts of time building models that are resistant to the mother of all disasters: the drop. Of course, it will be pretty hard to push your new speedster around the kitchen floor, or sink your PT boat in the bathtub, but it's
sep 15
reunion Saturday, as Tropical Storm Hanna emptied her troughs over South Georgia, my 10 year high school reunion got underway. It was really good to see all the people who had wandered off from Cordele and some who hadn't. Even people who ten years ago could induce a hive breakout with
sep 9
yeats Sometimes I picture Yeats sitting on the crapper writing verse and it makes me laugh.
sep 9
pork chops Tonight, I'm out grilling, a great southern pastime and purely by chance I pick up the Bhagavad-Gita on my way out. I'm reading lightly as if it is the Atlantic Monthly about Arjuna and his noble charioteer, when I pause and realize that I'm cooking pork chops. Oh, I'm going
sep 5
the virtues of surfing Out with Mr. Noodle tonight and he starts in about the virtues of surfing. He mentions the salvation of my soul and the true path; he claims I should move to the beach and learn to surf. And, so I'm trying to be all reasonable, placating him with “yeah, I
sep 4
Use a GameBoy; go to jail I'm sure glad I'm done with my travels to Greece. How embarrassing it would be to get slapped with a hefty fine for playing solitaire on a PC in an internet café. In Greece, use a Game Boy, go to jail The Greek government has banned all electronic games across
sep 3
envious Man, will I be envious if Monsieur Noodle went and beat up some pokeman look-a-likes without me. Craig emailed me last week with the suggestion that we arm ourselves with digital cameras and a high tolerance for wooden sword blows and head over to some Dragoncon thing at some downtown
sep 1
Brand Brand [To Agnes]: You stand where the roads cross. Once and for all, then! Choose! [Exit.] Einar: Choose between storm and calm. Choose between ‘go’ and ‘stay’. Choose between joy and grief. Choose between night and day. Choose between death and life. Agnes: Beyond darkness and death Light dawns upon
aug 27
apologetics Why do I write so infrequently now? No one but me really asks, but I feel as if I should offer up some explanation anyway. I have, this year, seen time unravel, felt the unbearable lightness of being and born the utter heaviness of situation. I have waived a principle
aug 24
It's a boy … and a girl! After months of my mom and mark sending out insinuating emails about due dates and family growth, the bundle of joy has arrived and it was full of fuzz. I can't help but laugh at my mom who only caved in and allowed us to get our first beagle, Snoopy,
aug 21
untitled Miscellany; lest you think I'm spending my time being productive.
aug 20
winamp3 Winamp 3 may be the coolest piece of sub-alpha software available for download. Now if only I could get it to start without assertions, I could enjoy some more of those bug-ridden crossfades.
aug 20
How I love stories like this: In August 1903, James Joyce had taken to writing reviews in the Daily Expressto earn money he desperately needed to live. His style of review, which one might rightly call harsh, offended the editor E.V. Longworth when it was directed at a book he had intended Joyce to treat indulgently.
aug 18
citizen's duty Today was a day out at the old ballgame. Through a little luck and the pocket friendly Bellsouth salesman, a coworker and I were able to secure some seats in the upper level as the Brave's took on, and got pummeled by, the Rockies. More importantly, though, I performed my
aug 17
a title for an essay After a few beers tonight, I picked up a pad and scribbled “2Pac and Turgenev: Nihilism in Practice and Theory.” If only I could get around to writing all the essays that I've titled in the past two years.
aug 14
untitled Next order of business: I'm going to put this section under the care of Movable Type and convert it to something of a blog, hoping that will reduce the effort required to manage it.
aug 14
my first used book I ordered my first used book from amazon.com; I have a feeling this is the beginning of something truly expensive. So, why did I order a book on Artificial Intelligence, you might ask. Well, I have a plan to create an evil Microsoft Office Assistant to whip Clippy before he
aug 10
The Fellini's Crazy Man Two miles away, the Fellini's “crazy man” sees the Virgin Mary drive past in a Subaru Forester. He will spend the next three months stalking the sidewalk beside the car dealership hoping that a 20,000 mile checkup might bring him salvation. In that time, the Fellini's staff will wonder if
aug 10
change Already this year is so far off its original projected course it's almost absurd, but that's the value of planning. And after the initial disbelief at having been so gullibly confident in the future, a wave of relief has swept over me. Change is, after all, time's best tailor.
aug 7
no allegiance Just a quick hats off to allegiance telecom for screwing up their entire network and taking all of servers down at work for the second time in about a month's time. I mean, an 18 hour downtime isn't too bad for a backbone provider, right? Unfortunately, though less importanly, the
aug 7
goethe? Gehe Verschmähe Die Treue, Die Reue Kommt nach.
aug 4
new place for photos I finally have a better place for my photos and the Bonaire collection kicks it off nicely.
aug 2
mt photo plugin Somewhere in the middle of building a blog to display my photos, I had a realization that packed into each of the JPEG's is a bunch of very interesting information about the shot. I know this because Tyler knows this, and because I see that the photo browser supplied by
aug 2
untitled I am Joe's horned madness.
aug 1
now with mysql On a whim, I moved my Movable Type data into MySql since it gives me greater flexibility and solves the Berkeley DB version issues that came up when I upgraded my perl distribution. One day soon I will have a blog-style photo collection up, including my Bonaire photos. Yup, one
jul 29
Anyone? Do any of you Atlanta area folks know of a good place to seek modern language instruction? For some time now, I have been whining about learning German or improving my French and I have no idea where to start. Non degree seeking admission to Georgia State seems the obvious
jul 29
Did I tell you that I saw 5 sea horses and an octopus? Back on land, I even managed to take a few pictures; I will get those up shortly. I just have to put the finishing touches on some moveable type templates and write some uninteresting comments.
jul 28
“Home is always a place you've never been.” Sometimes you meet people who pass off quips with such nonchalance that their words are preserved purely by the virtue of their demeanor. Captain Conrad told me that home is always a place you've never been over a Polar Beer in the Flamingo's Nest bar overlooking a cloud-stifled sunset in
jul 19
untitled i'll be here, if you need me My first real vacation in a year begins in about 24 hours. So much stuff still left to do and a flight that leaves at 9am headed for Bonaire. (In the Netherland Antilles, not in South Georgia) One week of diving, reading, and
jul 17
untitled When I was young, I was confident that all the cool mythical creatures really existed: griffons … chimeras … minotaur … cyclopes … honesty. Now, I know better.
jul 16
What irony? What irony? There was a time not so long ago when we had all become experts in the dreaded task of telephone/modem arbitration. Some of you went and got secondary lines, while most of us poorer nerd's chose instead to hand out our email address instead of our phone number,
jul 16
untitled Um, whoops, I screwed up my templates so that only 10 entries were being displayed on the month archive. I knew something was wrong when my angry noodle could not be found.
jul 11
no more #cccccc Finally, I'm free of the #cccccc box. Though, beware, I am slowly making my way back through the archives and taking care of any non-transparent images, so some of the older stuff is gray in areas where you wouldn't expect gray. In due time, I will arrange the skin so
jul 10
untitled I guess at some point the damn thing just goes flat. I mean it never seemed all that stable to begin with; it squished underfoot sometimes all the way down to the foundation but it always rose back up as soon as the weight was redistributed. Now, it's just flat,
jul 10
untitled (or Koshka, which is Russian for cat.)
jul 8
cats, giraffes and panda wooha The holiday weekend started strangely enough with an impromptu cat adoption. I was heaving the last of the luggage into the trunk of Das Auto when I heard the distressed cries of a kitten somewhere nearby. I shut the trunk and scanned the low limbs in all the surrounding trees
jul 3
untitled I'm going to be down in Fla. for a few days … So, while I'm gone: Try not to steal my stuff.
jul 2
I am the walrus Tonight Kristen had the Discovery Channel going on the TV when I looked up and noticed that we were following a day in the life of some poorly animated dinosaurs. A freaky bird-like raptor had just decided to try his luck eating a dinosaur that looks like “a half-plucked turkey
jul 1
untitled Angry Noodle raves: If there are only two kinds of people in the world (Nicaraguans and Contras), Kellegous is definately a Contra. A Contra with mad style, yo.. kellegous.com … destabilizing the breakfast food industry since 1974!!
jun 28
Gil Elvgren In a post depression world, Gil Elvgren's depictions of the American dream gave the country a much needed lift from the bleak dungeon that had been the 1930s. From the 1940s to the 1960s his alluring pinups were featured in advertisements and calendars and he is now recognized as one
jun 27
7 years On Monday, Kristen and I celebrated 7 years together. At one year, I was floored that she had managed to put up with me, so at 7 I'm almost speechless. So to her, thank you for taking on and sticking with a terribly difficult task: loving me for 7 years.
jun 22
untitled What happens when Kelly has a really bad week?
jun 22
It was good to sleep &helllip; It was good to sleep last night, these 2:35 and 7:35 World Cup kickoffs are taking their toll. I decided that Sengal-Turkey and Spain-Korea weren't worth the baggy eyes last night. I mean, Spain was to finally put a stop to Korea's Cinderella story and Sengal and Turkey are just
jun 20
untitled When good organizations go bad. Ok let me get this right, a network that depends very heavily on contributions has decided to screen their incoming links. In addition, they require nothing less than a tome of information in their on-line form. Ok, fair enough, I'll just move NPR to the
jun 20
NPR I decided to probe the waters and request permission to link to the linking form on the NPR site. Let us see how or if they respond. I'm sure their staff devoted to handling requests is absolutely swamped today. So, I sincerely hope that everyone linking them today is requesting
jun 20
MoveableType migration Having finally worked around my previous concerns about low security, I gave into temptation and migrated some of my stuff to MovableType. In the long run it makes more sense, since KOW (my homegrown system) is much like MT without a decent interface, and well, a decent interface was the
jun 16
I’ve been silent for a week now, … I've been silent for a week now, maybe those bats have finally left and it's safe to come out and type. The clicking of the keyboard has been known to whip them into a mad frenzy so that I just played it safe and wrote my entries on the sidewalk
jun 10
new pictures, non? They were new pictures, non? They were all taken down in Cordele, when it was terribly hot and the bees were terribly restless.
jun 7
What are kelly and What are kelly and kristen doing on a friday night?
jun 6
untitled For the first time in many, many moons IE is not my default browser; I'm going with the open source lizard. Only constant use will tell if it will remain, but so far I've found it to be stable and fast. Mozdev also has some nice Add-ons, like Optimoz which
jun 5
Ok, no more HTML in Ok, no more HTML in the comments and \n's become <br>'s. Not that anyone has screwed anything up; it just makes the comments looks so much cleaner.
jun 4
Converation overheard in the Converation overheard in the office lobby: Business Woman: “Hi Bert” Business Man (Bert): “Hey, Whatcha reading? Is that a self-help book?” Business Woman: “Yeah.” Bert (in a completely innocent tone): “Oh good. You definitely need that.” [awkward silence as the elevator door closes in front of me]
jun 3
If anyone else is If anyone else is in need of a fool, I think I can serve a few more. I may complain, but don't let that stop you from running all over me.
may 31
You've got some NURB!! You've got some NURB!!
may 25
Until now, the problem Until now, the problem has been the lack of reliable transportation to conduct a thorough search for truth and I have therefore been left to make the life-altering decisions, something for which I have no talent, without the proper consideration of the relavent details. Today though, Das Auto and I
may 23
untitled Damn, I just realized yesterday that Monday is a holiday. And you know what we do on holidays when we don't realize they are coming and everyone else has plans including Kristen who is in North Carolina until Monday…(inhale)…we do nothing at all. Maybe by tomorrow I will come up
may 20
untitled The old Sharpie wins again. While I usually leave the link posting business to the blogging pros, this one cannot be passed over. This reminds me of that scene in that Indiana Jones movie where the hero, Indiana Jones, is confronted with the two skilled swordsman intent on chopping him
may 17
dammit, won't the squares dammit, won't the squares just go away? done.
may 15
5 efforts of resistance to 5 efforts of resistance to the absurd: I refuse to keep up with current events, and when I do so it is only for fear of awkward social interaction. So as long as no social engagements loom on the horizon, I watch only the trees pass when I drive down
may 13
“Most of our faults “Most of our faults are more pardonable than the means we use to conceal them.” — François duc de la Rochefoucauld
may 9
Just like 2Pac saiz: Just like 2Pac saiz: Noodle wanna be a thug. Forget the pen, photoshop makes better tattoos. Just a little Angry Noodle inspired humor. I have no idea who the albino is.
may 7
“Bureaucracy is a giant “Bureaucracy is a giant mechanism operated by pygmies.” — Honoré de Balzac I think I spent the whole day creating a paper trail. Tomorrow, I will again take great joy in assembling the documentation necessary to buy me time to assemble a larger mass of documentation that describes an apparatus
may 6
untitled I woke up this morning sick; fever, coughing, sniffling, sneezing and other non-attractive pyrotechnics of head. Waking up sick is some hint at what it must be like to awaken to an alternate reality. The sun is always out, prematurely it seems, though you realize much later that you have
may 2
Car is in my Car is in my possession, and stored safely waiting for the storm to pass. Thank you for joining us for our continuing coverage of Kelly acts like an idiot about a new car. Stay tuned for tomorrow's pictures.
may 1
untitled Apologies to all who fell victim to spam harassment by fullpromote.com. Their bots, being perhaps the least intelligent of the hundreds that have crawled their way through this site, sent an email to everyone on my people page promising unprecedented profit growth for kellegous.com. I've removed all of the email
apr 29
heilige Scheiße, i think heilige Scheiße, i think i just bought an audi. More pictures to follow later this week, if my suspicion proves true and a car with my name on it does in fact show up at the dealership.
apr 26
untitled That's it; I'm done with the car buying bit. Perhaps they misinterpreted my intentions; I was interested in buying an A4 not being run over by one. Car dealers have a way with numbers that baffles those of us who have done a great deal of abstract mathematics. You see
apr 22
Cataclysme politique en France Cataclysme politique en France (Le Monde) French voters urged to shun Le Pen (CNN) France stunned by Le Pen success (BBC) This is the reason Pat Buchanan can be seen lurking at the bottom of the pack in each election. I mean, if it is possible for an extreme right
apr 21
At this point, could At this point, could you just send someone over to my house to burn my Georgia Tech diploma? I figure that at the rate it's deteriorating now, that's the only way to devalue it quicker. Was it the same department where I heard Amy Bruckman describe Community Support for Constructivist
apr 18
blue? green? or beige? blue? green? or beige? My opinion: Can't decide if I like the blue better than the original green, but I don't really like the beige. Any thoughts? update: blue wins.
apr 17
Hopefully, you haven't noticed Hopefully, you haven't noticed that the layout on this page changed drastically overnight. The old table layout made it difficult to change anything with any frequency, so sorry netscape 4.x users, the new layout is a hybrid table CSS layout. Consider using mozilla or IE5+. A number of changes are
apr 16
Apollinaire lifted his pen Apollinaire lifted his pen and laid his notebook on the single dry patch of soil beside the butt of his Lebel. He turned from his seated position onto his haunches and raised his eyes to ground level to peer across a dormant battlefield in the French countryside. There were but
apr 14
Apollinaire turned the corner Apollinaire turned the corner from the avenue Trudaine and proceeded up the rue des Martyrs striding gracefully through the overhanging shadows of late night Montmartre. Beneath his arm was the slender wrist of a woman unmistakably elegant, and unmistakably French. She carried her lorgnette loosely in her finger tips and
apr 9
Meanwhile, Adrian Albert, the Meanwhile, Adrian Albert, the chairman of the mathematics department of the University of Chicago, called Norman Levinson. What was [John] Nash's state of mind? He asked Levinson. Chicago had made an offer of a prestigious chair to Nash, Nash was scheduled to give a talk, and now he had received
apr 7
I did something today I did something today that I can scarcely find time for anymore; I walked. Nearly five miles I walked, and most of that time I stared at the ground ahead of me not at all interested in my surroundings, which was adorned with the homes of the rich and corpulent.
apr 5
.the subtleties of human .the subtleties of human communication.
apr 4
A one-off revision of the A one-off revision of the current featured flash animation has been added to my flash experiments tablet.
apr 1
April Fools' Day participants: MIT's April Fools' Day participants: MIT's Google Spoof. Ga Tech's Treasure. Google's PigeonRank And, of course, me. Know of any more?
mar 28
I guess it all I guess it all comes down to maintaining your dignity in the midst of a trying week. It has certainly been a trying week, but I fear my dignity might already be wasted. So, onto the next thing, though it never seems the sort of thing one should do. There,
mar 25
Le Même Theater presents Le Même Theater presents a tale of expatriate glory. Rumor has it that the author missed much of the battle after a handlebar sabotage caused his Cora war horse to collapse on the battlefield. His trusty side kick, Sean Panza, summed up his disappointment in the long remembered statement, "The
mar 23
untitled When I was far too young to supposedly be accountable, we once found a baby squirrel abandoned by its mother and not in the best health. We took it in, built it a small cage and attempted to nurse it back to health. Though in a week it was much
mar 20
silliness still reigns. silliness still reigns.
mar 19
untitled Almost 800 lines of SQL code in a day and it occurs to me that I need more punk CD's to continue. I get up and walk out the office door without a word to a group discussing the weekend carwashes as means to finance a second product line. They
mar 18
If design govern in If design govern in a thing so small.
mar 15
untitled As evinced by my posting habits, I've grown a bit confused about exactly what I want to post here, which is a side-effect of reading the backyard news "bloggers" berate the online journal "bloggers" insisting that if a site doesn't aspire to steal CNN traffic, you are merely part of
mar 14
untitled I suppose it has been over two years since I did anything deserving of a follow-up discussion, and even then, it was nothing more than added attention to detail. How to carry the burden of 28 years without the support of even a single accomplishment? That's a question that remains
mar 11
untitled And today, Netscape gives us the second installment in "How to lose a browser war with efficiency:" You will remember the first, and most important, lesson they taught us was: Release browser versions that seem to degrade in quality with each successive release. The effectiveness can be enhanced further if
mar 8
stasis s     t a   s i s
mar 7
untitled The sky is bright and has the appearance of warmth, though the temperature will not rise to 50 on this day. The steady hum and stir of traffic steadily sings lightly 8 stories below in the pit. On the adjacent hill, four buildings are hunched sitting at a card game.
mar 6
untitled I am much excited that Kristen is coming home from her Spring break trip today; the apartment loses all its life when she's not around. Sunday it even seemed like the whole place was going cold, and in fact it was; the heat was out. By morning, it was in
mar 3
untitled Lately, I had been entertaining thoughts of returning to Georgia Tech to complete my abandoned Masters degree. It wasn't that I had revived a lost enthusiasm for electrical engineering; it was the thought of letting the credits whither and the need to feel that I am making some forward progress
mar 2
untitled "… no characters …" I know precisely what I will be reading soon enough. But anyway, that's not important quite yet. See earlier today, I was seated in the window watching the rain fall on the wall of crossties that makes a burrow of my little apartment. There are usually
mar 1
Such courage is seldom found Such courage is seldom found as that in the heart of one standing in defiance of prevailing sentiments to defend the less fortunate. These brave souls are afforded no choice but to win. To lose is to prolong the suffering of a people who are afforded no other defense. To
feb 27
Music Fans Must Rebel Against Music Fans Must Rebel Against Greedy Record Industry "If I were in charge, I would put viruses everywhere on these services," he [Peter Paterno, Music Industry Attorney] said. "That would stop Little Johnny from stealing this stuff." Well Pete, whenever you feel froggy, we welcome the virus game. Let us
feb 26
I am back; I am I am back; I am content; there is no limit to hope, and it is all: … because the sun rose a little brighter this morning and I made it a point to stop and feel its warmth … because arbitrary meaning is not meaningless … because there is so
feb 18
untitled Marcello came over to the table as we were ordering espressos and cappuccinos to say hello. He usually does, Marcello's Pizza is one of those family owned places where you go and actually talk to the family. Usually, he can only get away for a few minutes before the door
feb 14
untitled And today, boys and girls, we'll talk about projection in the context of human psychology. Projection is a defense mechanism employed to focus the point of conflict away from the self and onto another subject. In projection, one's own unacceptable feelings are attributed to someone else to cast off some
feb 12
Another quick flash study (version Another quick flash study (version ** quatre). Only mildly interesting, I guess.
feb 11
untitled <vent> Why is it so hard to understand that product specs should be challenged before the end of the development process? "I'm trying to use your hammer like a screwdriver and it isn't working." "Good" "We really need it to work as a screwdriver." "Good" "Are you going to make
feb 10
untitled It had been years since I last attended the Field Trials. In fact, it was so long ago that ole G.E. was still alive. After he died, my PaPa had little interest in going…the dogs had after all been of secondary interest to the company. I was just a little
feb 7
untitled Not only has the weather capped the skies with a dour blanket for the past few days, but a crew of road constructionists has taken up residence outside my office window with what amounts to a jolly green giant sized sledgehammer. With this, they are apparently testing the old playground
feb 5
untitled How to sell yourself out in two short years: Step #1: Retreat from the University at the zenith of your own individual idealism. At first thought, this may seem a step in the wrong direction, but it is essential that one flies into the, so-called, real world with one's back
feb 4
untitled The last time I was in Club Riviera, it was virtually empty. Saturday night, it was a sea of bobbing heads rising and falling with the never-ending beat of club music. Clubs have a real escapist appeal. When you walk into the music, it takes over two of your senses;
feb 2
Long ago, I had a Long ago, I had a friend named Rob who was insanely obsessed with psychology. So much so that he would intentionally provoke his father to strike him in the face, and seldom let up until the blood was once again streaming from his scarred cheeks. He called it "an attempt
jan 29
untitled I realized last night that I'm not passing through a funk as I first suspected; I am merely bored. Since before Christmas, more of my time has been spent managing day to day tasks and alarmingly little devoted to designing and creating stuff, which is what I love to do.
jan 28
untitled Most valuable lesson learned from a sleepless night: Don't tempt irony, just go to bed at 4am like you always do. 2am: Thinking I could make a surprising early Monday arrival at work and shave from my to do list a couple of the more focus intensive entries, I set
jan 27
Did I mention that I Did I mention that I posted the Ireland pictures? No? Well, I did post them, finally.
jan 25
A January air has the A January air has the putrid stench of mortified immobility. Every breath inhaled is sparse and wanting, every breath exhaled is dense and taxing. January exists for the sake of science; it knows nothing of the whims of the human soul. It would just as soon cut you open and
jan 22
KOW Content Management System: (KOW, I call it, because I like smartass names): Hierarchical Objectified Template Publishing Engine: done. Web Interface: 85%. Journal/Blog Style Objects: 20%. Like I said earlier, the main page already has manageable objects. Look for them to change with some frequency. I will probably add several more
jan 20
What? Is Ford now making What? Is Ford now making aircraft for the Marines? Is anyone else a little dubious of constant reports of mechanical failure? Of course, a missing stabilizer after being struck with a SAM is technically mechanical failure.
jan 17
<inside joke> mine eyes may <inside joke> mine eyes may be deceiving me, but I swear it looks like John blogged yesterday. </inside joke>
jan 16
From the locked away pages From the locked away pages of The Chronicle of Higher Education: DAVID HOROWITZ, the former campus radical and now conservative commentator, has released a survey that he says reveals Ivy League professors to be far out of step with the American public. Mr. Horowitz acknowledged that the survey doesn't reflect
jan 14
Lunacy be damned, that's just Lunacy be damned, that's just good creative problem solving. "Back in 1999, Jaron Lanier, a leading figure in the history of Virtual Reality (he coined the term), proposed a revolutionary vehicle for archival storage: cockroaches."
jan 11
I have this habit of I have this habit of planning for the sake of a daydream. There is no real intention to follow through, but the exercise of mapping the possible against the probable makes the possible seem, well … more probable. I've done this for years; it's a very rewarding enhancement to the
jan 10
Microsoft caught rigging ZDNet poll Microsoft caught rigging ZDNet poll in support of .NUT. It really is beautiful when they suffer from the use of their own products: "Several of the voters evidently followed a link contained in an email, the subject line of which ran: "PLEASE STOP AND VOTE FOR .NET!" We know this,
jan 9
Hm? How to describe Hm? How to describe the path of that string? It's been bugging me since this morning and I haven't had time to think about it. Why? I don't know. I am doing quite poorly at keeping myself busy in the new year; that has to change.
jan 6
It was years ago when It was years ago when I first read the opening to Look Homeward, Angel. I was seated under lamplight in an old armchair that was egregiously deposited in my mom's carport several years prior by a great-aunt who having run into an embarrassing bit of trouble had decided to flee
jan 2
And, it's still snowing. I And, it's still snowing. I have a fire burning slowly in the den, a cup o' tea steaming on the desk, and remote sessions open to work. What a great day. I only wish Kristen hadn't stayed in Cordele. And now, so does she. Earlier, I was out taking pictures
jan 1
2001 was like the 8th 2001 was like the 8th hole in a putt-putt course. That's the deceptively difficult hole with the windmill that quadruples your score when one of the spinning blades provides an unlikely launch ramp and sends your ball bouncing across 4 lanes of Saturday night traffic. Getting the ball in the


dec 31
In a few hours, I In a few hours, I will certainly know whether all my untested date code is sound. In theory, everything should work accordingly. In practice, we all overlook the most trivial of details, which trigger the most crippling of errors. For now, my faith remains with my order by's and case
dec 29
I have much to do I have much to do in 2002; I realize that now. Most importantly, I have to move past my burnout even if it proves a treacherous venture. It is suggested that one should get by her as fast as ever one can, hugging close to those shear walls and moving
dec 26
(Christmas passed!) and now there (Christmas passed!) and now there is an empty house. "Remain sitting at your table and listen. Don't even listen, simply wait. Don't even wait. Be quite still and solitary." When nobody's home, we speak our own dialect … and sing out loud.
dec 22
Lately when I call people, Lately when I call people, they seem way too anxious to get off the phone. Is it something about the holidays? 'Tis the season for snubbing? I can't worry about that now; I have to save our consumer society. I have to shop, and I must spend more than I
dec 21
Christmas is literally killing me. Christmas is literally killing me. If Santa could just bring my sanity back, though I'm not sure it was ever enough to warrant a sleigh stop. Now, on with me to bed, I have shopping to do tomorrow. Don't you?
dec 20
I guess I did get I guess I did get a little bent out of shape about the new design, but it sucked. With Christmas so close, chances are good that no one even noticed that the site had gone off of the air. Which is fine, since I haven't been feeling well enough to
dec 17
Kristen couldn't stand it; she Kristen couldn't stand it; she has already given me one of my Christmas gifts and I can't imagine a better gift. How in the world can I top that?
dec 16
Supplanted again. I desperately need Supplanted again. I desperately need to shop for Christmas, but I haven't the energy to fight the throngs of mall shoppers alone. I think I'll sit on the porch and read for a while.
dec 13
Never underestimate the power Never underestimate the power of a little scripting, and a lot of nerd. Time.com's online poll, which asked users to vote for the illustrious (though farcical) Person of the Year, showed brief signs of reason today as a host of Georgia Tech computers were able to tip the scales overwhelmingly
dec 12
Lacan is tedious reading, indeed: Lacan is tedious reading, indeed: "What I have called the mirror stage is interesting in that it manifests the affective dynamism by which the subject originally identifies himself with the visual Gestalt of his own body: in relation to the still very profound lack of co-ordination of his own motility,
dec 11
After an argument the After an argument the other day about whether Xmas is a debasement of Christmas, I took it upon myself to find the origin of the abbreviation. As I suspected, the X does not stem from some pagan disrespect for the Christian holiday. Instead, the abbreviation is of Greek origin. During
dec 10
Thoughts from the shower: To Thoughts from the shower: To develop and maintain a system of faith is the ultimate goal of human reason.
dec 8
Three attempts to describe my Three attempts to describe my week: There are few funks so bad as unmotivated idleness. Days just seem to flicker on and off; I completely missed Tuesday this week. I cannot say with certainly that I didn't sleep through until Wednesday. I sit down to write at night and feel
dec 6
We're sitting at the Northside We're sitting at the Northside Tavern drinking a pitcher of New Castle. I crack what I think is a witty joke, Craig laughs, others just stare. I am immediately subject to their vacuous stares; I look down at my plastic cup of beer, thump the brim and sigh. There is
dec 4
"To discover the mode of "To discover the mode of life or of art whereby your spirit could express itself in unfettered freedom."Unfettered freedom? Pleonasm or is the Earwicker unclothven? Either way, Portrait was haunting me. I have been unable to read more than one or two pages per day, and though Joyce it may
dec 3
I fear what Israel will I fear what Israel will do with their blank check. I fear what we are going to do with ours.
dec 1
I feel so incredibly I feel so incredibly unproductive. All week, I made an effort to get up and get to work before 9. It was an enervating strategy; I feel like clay now. And at night, I keep putting off doing anything worthwhile until it's too late and I have to go to
dec 1
"Floating upon the surface "Floating upon the surface for The birds, the birds, the birds"   "A bird twittered; two birds, three. The bell and the bird ceased: and the dull white light spread itself east and west, covering the world, covering..."
nov 30
  Inanition, that is all.   Inanition, that is all.
nov 27
Sorry fellas, the name does Sorry fellas, the name does not have a comma in it, and I've been known to add bench strength whereever I go. .::. My namesakes are all over the web: Accountants, Programmers, Teachers, and Bears, oh my!
nov 26
There are days when There are days when hope compels your eyes skyward in search of auguries, tomorrow will be one of those days. I know it already.
nov 24
The Thanksgiving holiday is The Thanksgiving holiday is quickly expiring, and all the leftovers have less than a week of purgatory to either become the pith of a white-bread sandwich or yet another bag of dumpster-bound garbage. I tried not to bring back so much this year, since the majority usually suffers the latter
nov 23
Down the road, there is Down the road, there is another house surrounded by cars. There are kids throwing a football in the yard with a middle-aged man who refuses to be beaten by age. The entire house is transparent, with open doors and blinds, and people are moving about with plates of cloying pie,
nov 20
Yesterday evening I was feeling Yesterday evening I was feeling smarter, but as soon as I stepped out the door today I was dumb again. I'm sure that tomorrow will bring another dumb day. During today's dumb day, I peered down from the eighth floor office windows onto the interstate as a car burned in
nov 18
—It surprises me that you —It surprises me that you enjoyed the book I lent you. It seems it would rankle the very verve of your nature, being set up at such odds with your present predicament. —And what predicament is it causes you to speak with such ire? —You know damn well what impetus
nov 17
I may have my I may have my pick for best movie of the year. Earlier, I grew tired of sitting around the house alone and decided to do something that I rarely do, go to the movies alone. A quick scan of moviefone.com didn't reveal anything that I'd been dying to see, so
nov 16
A herd of cattle A herd of cattle walks into a bar thirsty after chewing cud all day. The bartender, in a hoarse voice, exclaims, "We don't serve your kine round here!" I'm feeling a bit punchy today as I was up late. What to do tonight, I wonder? Everyone else has plans, I'm
nov 15
I had a haircut today I had a haircut today and it was none too soon as I'd been putting it off for two weeks. If I had under utilized my shirt buttons and given over to not wearing under shirts, I could have passed for a late 70's character. Atlanta hair salons make me
nov 14
I approached a golf course I approached a golf course and there was a man standing with lottery ticket in his cap, eating a sloppy hot dog and losing his mustard. He was standing up by the driving range smoking one of those cigarettes that smells like spicy cigars, and trying to hold the hotdog
nov 13
I'm trying to get back I'm trying to get back into my list of personal objectives lately. First up, some ~design~ exponoments (oh what fun it is to make … a word up every day, ho): Flash Study #1: reacting to the mouse and proving that I still know "Oscar Has A Heap Of Apples".
nov 11
It has been so hard It has been so hard to write lately. Every time I sit to type, a draconian self-confidence demands I erase every line. Soon after, I give up and go to bed… Screw it, I'm going to bed. I did put up the squares that I mentioned, isn't that enough?
nov 9
I do need sleep, so I do need sleep, so I'll be brief: Tonight:   Saw Monsters Inc. - Good Movie - See it   Had Indian Food - Havėli - Tasty   Went to Borders - Bought CD's by pizzicato five and eels - Already ripped them - Good Stuff That should do it,
nov 8
granted, i should not have granted, i should not have been finishing up a new design when there is so much work to do. and granted, i should not have taken a picture of a n64 controller plug. and granted, the whole thing is nonsense anyway. but, there is a new design; don't you see?
nov 8
At least someone is sleeping   At least someone is sleeping around here! When one finds oneself up at 6am and sees the Office Assistant, Rocky, sleeping soundly on the desktop, one feels somewhat ... mocked.
nov 6
Over the weekend, I was Over the weekend, I was sitting on a bench in the mall trying to act disinterested when a little boy of about 6 hoisted himself up beside me. The kid looked as if he had been dressed by a family of clowns in the 70's; he had a red sports
nov 3
- Could I be - Could I be wrong? - It is likely, most people are at some point in their lives. - But, not wrong with intention, surely? - You'll have to be the judge of your intentions. - And you don't think that's too much to ask when I have already proclaimed
nov 2
Well, it is certainly fortunate Well, it is certainly fortunate that I don't depend on my writing to make a living. I think I would fare better relying on my cooking skills, which cause far fewer purgative reactions. Anyway, on with the babble. … Nah, I changed my mind, I'm going to bed.
oct 31
Quality of life improvement!? HA Quality of life improvement!? HA HA HA. It's so much fun to reminisce about all the silliness of the past.
oct 30
I have to shed I have to shed this lazy skin; the new year is going to pass unacknowledged and I'll have little recourse but to wait for the next new year.
oct 29
a new toy is a new toy is on the way!
oct 27
Thank you Chris Courtenay, who Thank you Chris Courtenay, who had us walking into some nice midtown clubs without ever letting go a dollar, showing cards of DJ's and showing up on "the list." There was the persistent thump of house mix and inebriated women in boas. At one point, two women were dancing provocatively
oct 26
I saw myself a I saw myself a fine performance of Julius Caesar tonight over at the Georgia Shakespeare Festival. Imagine Caesar in all the corpulent commanding style of a Huey P. Long, with a ribald laugh and a proud habit of rounding his bottom lip with his tongue. Long live Caesar! The entire
oct 25
There is a thunderstorm moving There is a thunderstorm moving in. For a while, I thought the rumblings were the sounds of my restless neighbors opening a window to let in the leafy breeze. But, it is truly a storm riding in on a cold front. It will soak all the new fallen leaves and
oct 24
This is your brain This is your brain deprived of sleep. Any Questions?
oct 23
I do not give a I do not give a damn for your arbitrary value systems that are suspended, in all their weight, not just on mere faith, but on individual faith. So, if my faith presumes a world where the tales of seven dwarfs are the fabulistic foundations of a system of "virtue," what
oct 21
i have an idea involving i have an idea involving squares…hm, will get right on that. no wait, i have to finish the Ireland pictures first.
oct 20
I regained my wits somewhere I regained my wits somewhere around 5pm. Most of the day has been spent lethargic watching DVD's and feeling tired. Last night is a blur, being somewhat sleep deprived already and then leaving Craig and Amy's at 5am after talking about things and watching Monty Python sketches. The city is
oct 19
xxxxxxxxThe verdict is in: I'm xxxxxxxxThe verdict is in: I'm worthless I can't think of anything else to say.
oct 18
I've decided to start drinking I've decided to start drinking on nights that I have to work. What use is the brain in that situation anyway? In between bursts of bulk emails, I have also been working on the Ireland pictures…not long now. It always takes longer when you decide that all pictures from Limerick
oct 15
Just had to get away Just had to get away for the weekend, so as soon as I could free myself from work, (Saturday Morning) Kristen and I left for Asheville NC, which is one of two old-standby locations for which our right to suddenly roll into town has long been reserved by convention. In
oct 12
Suddenly, I have a renewed Suddenly, I have a renewed interest in reasonably advanced mathematics. Why? Have I not already done my time in differential equations and Reed-Solomon coding? It will surely pass into a reflection of shameful silliness, but I still wonder about the impetus that incited this present state of geek. Anyway: I
oct 10
I haven't written very much I haven't written very much lately…I've been busy coming to grips with mediocrity. Sometimes we all go and get puffed up by hope, but eventually it all subsides and we get up, go to work turning in the cog for eight hours or more and return home to place our
oct 9
I'm done doodling; it's safe I'm done doodling; it's safe to come back now.
oct 8
Tonight, strange as it may Tonight, strange as it may sound, Kristen and I were apparently on the scene of a robbery. Around 10pm, we went up to our friendly neighborhood Fellini's home of the cheap late night food and the tasty high-fat salads. As we were getting up to leave, there was a tremendous
oct 7
Je renonce! (in so much Je renonce! (in so much as) …and more to the fact…what is not…rien à faire…if you will…et si vous ébranlez. I think I should get out of the (pas mon) house for a bit.
oct 6
What a sad day it What a sad day it is when you do nothing more than eat ice cream and watch movies. Apparently my body is rebelling against a sleep-deprived week and I can't make my head stop hurting. I need desperately to do something constructive, but what can be accomplished with a headache?
oct 5
(cicadas) Fancy smancy dinner (cicadas) Fancy smancy dinner night with Peter, Christy, Chris and Stephanie at Roy's, complete with Roy's Melting Hot Chocolate Soufflé that bled chocolate "motor oil" when you cut into the side right out onto your little ball of vanilla ice cream. It was good and it was pricy, but one
oct 3
I love discussing languages with I love discussing languages with John: I think the point of Python is that it is a brand-new OOP, structured language. Perl is more of the syntactic bazaar, with a hint of the Metropolitan Opera thrown in.
oct 1
I'm back from Cordele, drove I'm back from Cordele, drove in tonight with all the other Sunday drivers. Around Unadilla a flailing mass of birds passed over the car, traveling directly but inefficiently south. The lead group split in two as if responding to some imminent threat; the followers then began to climb appearing, from
sep 30
Yes and yes blazes back Yes and yes blazes back home]] [[ In Cordele, what choice do I have but to write a Flowery letter from Westland Row? Tisnt the froussard usually so suspect that is missin the eee and tis an old thing that doesnt matter a squat when the doors opened. So like
sep 28
I had a friend who I had a friend who used to spend every weekend with his father fishing the river below the dam. One Saturday, having little luck with the fish, he laid his pole down in the bottom of the boat and reclined onto the bow. He was staring out over the ripples
sep 26
in another twist on "be in another twist on "be careful what you ask for," i was home sick all day. really, i could have found another way to break the cycle.
sep 25
When the air begins to When the air begins to chill every year, I think of Prague. There was a cold morning in March of 2000 when Kristen and I awoke in a musty modest room of the Hotel Prague Lion. It was a expansive room by European standards, with four small single beds -
sep 24
Weekends have become an annoyance; Weekends have become an annoyance; they are merely punctuations at the end of vacuous sentences. The events and friends that once filled a weekend are long gone, but I have no idea where they went. It is strange that in one's youth the stage of life is shared with friends,
sep 22
Personal Sticky Note: Do not Personal Sticky Note: Do not drink the raspberry flavored beer that Kristen left in the refrigerator. There is a reason she left it. I've done a poor job this week of keeping fresh entries on the top of k.x.dei. I got a bit distracted by nimda. I wasn't infected, but
sep 19
!!exhausted and weak!! After an !!exhausted and weak!! After an all-night affair with a mail distribution script, I was able to nap briefly before Kristen and I left for Augusta to see her mom and dad jointly receive a National award from the Professional Photographers Association. They were excited to see us and had no
sep 18
me:   hey what me:   hey what are you doing still up? me:   don't rightly know me:   go to bed, already! me:   i'm hungry me:   there's some quaker instant grits with country ham and red eye gravy in the pantry me:   mmm, country ham...grits leprechaun:   Pogue Mahone!!
sep 16
I went into midtown today I went into midtown today to see Tim, who lives at the Peachtree lofts and overlooks the dilapidated old Days Inn which hides the bottom of the "Nations Bank Building." The city was too quiet, inimically quiet; when I was leaving a man drove past me going the wrong way
sep 14
I'm not happy at all I'm not happy at all about having to work tonight. Things were left unfinished on Tuesday and Wednesday, and now I have to catch up to a schedule that was already moving far too fast. What in a marketing email can't wait until Monday? What could we possibly say to
sep 12
It has been an exhausting It has been an exhausting day for the entire world. I think I will go to bed much earlier tonight, assuming I can sleep. Like much of the country, I've been mesmerized by the hyper-real coverage of an event that hardly seems real at all. The CNN logo remains in
sep 11
a visual moment of silence   a visual moment of silence
sep 10
I forgot to mention that I forgot to mention that I finally put together a page of props. You know, one thing I hate about this format is that short posts look awkward. Perhaps, I should group by day. Maybe?
sep 9
When I was young, I When I was young, I had a great uncle Bill and as people say in my home town, Uncle Bill would take a drink. Actually, Bill seldom stopped at one drink…or five. His capacity to imbibe and his weekend odysseys were well known, almost legendary. just like Raoul Duke! right?
sep 7
First off, was their ever First off, was their ever really any doubt? Nah, according to the first chief justice of the Supreme Court, John Jay ", the people who own the government ought to govern it." There is nothing to say tonight, the keyword of the day is: indifference. There is little more depressing
sep 5
Any Spanish speakers…during a Any Spanish speakers…during a meeting today, I suddenly felt compelled to scribble coito de vacas on my notepad. Does that even make sense? Only you can prevent foot in mouth disease! It did in the context of the meeting, but then business meetings are all about assigning sense to the
sep 3
Will it ever stop raining? Will it ever stop raining? All I can hear is the thump of the drops on the air conditioner. Two nights ago, I turned off the air so that I could sleep with the window open. Now, I am so tired of the drone of soothing rain that I am
sep 2
Work has confined me to Work has confined me to Atlanta for the long weekend. It's like a ghost town around here; everyone I know made it out of town for the holiday. My AIM buddy list is vacant, it is raining outside again, it is stuffy and sticky inside the apartment; I need to
aug 31
So, as you can easily So, as you can easily tell from my reading queue, I put quite a bit of thought into the order in which I read books. Typically, I have at least twenty unread books on a shelf in my office and usually another five have been mentally slated for a re-read.
aug 29
Is anybody not sick!? It Is anybody not sick!? It seems that everyone I've talked to has that distinct sniffle or the beginnings of persistent cough. Even on some of the weblogs I follow, it's the same tale of approaching convalescence. Nobody is sick enough to retreat from their standard schedules, we are all lingering
aug 28
Well, it's been a Well, it's been a tough day in Lake Wobegon. ~    Pulled yet another all-nighter trying to get a client site up. ~    Inadvertently went without food for 24 hours. ~    Woke up tonight with a sense of longing for something I cannot identify. When you first wake up after an
aug 26
Hi ho, hi ho; Saturdays Hi ho, hi ho; Saturdays at work really blow. The absurd work schedule continues with no sign of recession. I woke up this afternoon having spent the majority of the night goofing off. One feels a great sense of freedom at the conclusion of a 25 hour work day; something
aug 24
my boy craig is on my boy craig is on his way over. i suspect we'll have some beers and maybe find a theatre showing J&SB. i should be working, but i just can't do it anymore right now, considering that i worked 46 hours in about 2.5 days. Damn, where is my life going?
aug 23
Sunday night I was forced Sunday night I was forced to make an early morning run south to Cordele. In the early morning, the air is different. It sticks. It sticks mostly to the windshield, but it will come in if you dare open the windows at 4am on a Georgia interstate. This is the
aug 19
Things are going all wrong. Things are going all wrong. In addition to my arduous work schedule, my reoccurring dental problems have resurfaced. This puts me an interesting situation: I have to work all day tomorrow and all day Monday, but I cannot got into the office until I find a dentist. And, if that
aug 16
O sleeplessness, you bear O sleeplessness, you bear the intoxicants of a Dionysian wine! And though I abhor the long nights of work, the fatigue grants such great power against the everydayness, the general reality, that consumes the majority of a life. It also seems to revoke the greater part of writing skills, as
aug 14
"Everydayness is the enemy. No "Everydayness is the enemy. No search is possible. Perhaps there was a time when everydayness was not too strong and one could break its grip by brute strength. Now nothing breaks it but disaster. Only once in my life was the grip of everydayness broken: when I lay bleeding in
aug 12
Finally, an empty Saturday. Last Finally, an empty Saturday. Last night was a Connexxia outing to the Georgia Shakespeare Festival to see the final performance of The Winter's Tale. The show was fabulous; I will definitely be back to see shows at the festival. So many times I've heard actors try to pronounce POWER in
aug 9
Glug! We had a management Glug! We had a management meeting tonight that lasted until 10 … strategy … expansion … verticals … horizontals … lead times … warm leads …. cold calls … dial up … down the road … off the cuff … in the bank … on the brink. Now, I am
aug 6
Here, everything is soggy. Here, everything is soggy. There are soaky, sopping earthworms squirting from the ground seeking firmess, like the greening concrete sidewalk outside of my apartment. Everybody…everything is looking for a higher ground this week…some magical saturation point is only a drop away…we're all sitting on great jiggling instability…betting on the tensions
aug 2
i think my general exhaustion i think my general exhaustion burnout score says it all. time for another 12-16 hour day; i can hardly move. Your score = 87/100
aug 1
7000 people standing at the 7000 people standing at the 20th century re-birthplace of the KKK listening to the chaotic sounds of an English band known for their anti-corporate and anit-globalization views, finally!! it was a surreal experience and it rocked. Those who made it to the Radiohead show were rewarded for their tedious search
jul 30
I had a very I had a very strange experience today. I have this friend, Tim, who works at the airport. Due to his carrying one of those badges that allows access to the tarmac, he can (on most occasions) bypass the Customs inspection area at the arrival gate for International flights. You could
jul 28
Last night, I headed Last night, I headed over to the Actors Theatre of Atlanta to see Two Rooms. The play was pretty good; you just can't go wrong with small intimate theatre settings. The two rooms, which literally complete the setting, are worlds apart yet form the only link between a woman in
jul 26
I'm slumping. I'm bored. (no, I'm slumping. I'm bored. (no, that doesn't mean that I don't have enough work, that's not what the word means) And I keep experiencing Thomas Wolfe-like thoughts about the impossibility to know anyone, the ineluctable human loneliness. To return from the tropics to the senseless redundancy of corporate life is
jul 23
I once met an old I once met an old man on an old sidewalk whose soles were caked with gum. I said, "You must be terribly unlucky?" He replied, "Probably not so much as I am conscientious." Then he read aloud obstinately from a postcard he was holding, "A wise man will not leave