In the open

Dec 17 2006 Kelly Norton

Another month, another release candidate for GWT. This one is a little different though. We actually tried really hard not to make changes. Yet, we edited almost every file in the source tree. Oh good, a riddle, could it be … open source.

Yes, the source code for all of Google Web Toolkit is now available under the Apache 2 license. Not only that, but we're sort of moving our whole process in front of the big multi-colored curtain. The subversion repository you see here is not a decoy, it is where the real work is going down. And over on the contributors list, you can tune in to hear real design debates as new features take shape.

This is great news for the GWT team; we can now talk more openly about what we're doing and what we plan to be doing. We're pretty sure it's a good deal for our users as well. And if they still don't like what they hear … well, I guess they'll have to pick up a hammer.

If you read the posts elsewhere, you'll notice this went down last Tuesday and I'm a little late to the party with this post. Sadly, an evil sinus infection launched an assault on my head and took me out for a few days.