When you'll get some

Nov 28 2012 Kelly Norton

The distribution of birthdays throughout the year is not uniform. I always suspect that to be the case but for some unknown reason I never investigated it until last week. At this point, I don’t even remember why I was investigating it. But the data suggests that every year there is a consistent increase in births in the months of August through to November. That’s kind of interesting. But what’s more interesting to me, though, is that seems to suggest that there is a equally large period each year when people are just gett’n it on more than other times of the year.

source: Roy Murphy's analysis of life insurance policy applications.

So when is this magic time of love? In theory, we can estimated it by taking the period of increased births and shifting it back by 273 days (which is the middle of the average range for normal pregnancies, conception to birth). That would suggest that your prospects for a little happiness are … well … right about now, from early November until early February. Tis the season, indeed.