Happy New Year

Jan 02 2005 Kelly Norton

I'm finally back from our holiday travels. We did well over forty hours of driving over a vacation that spanned less than two weeks. I will very happily walk to the bus tomorrow. From now on, when we go to Georgia, we'll do as the geese do and fly south.


Now that I have a few minutes before work picks back up, I felt as if I needed to do something for the New Year. I hadn't played with Flash in a little while, so I dusted off one of those tired old trigonometric tricks for the occasion. In keeping with one of my unofficial New Year's resolutions, I'm also posting the source. I always have good intentions to post the source of all my projects, but I never get around to the necessary cleanup. Lately, though, I've been inspired by the little bit of Peirre Levy's Collective Intelligence that I've read and I'm convinced that sharing things like this is in keeping with an idealistic spirit of collectivity.

source: [02.fla]