DID Camp 2005

Aug 09 2005 Kelly Norton

Digial Information Design Camp 2005 Gallery
Randomness Piece #1
I haven’t posted as much as I had hoped this summer and my excuse, at least for the past five weeks, is all the activity in and around the AIGA Digital Information Design Camp. My advisor decided to go forward with something he has been planning for a while, a digital design course taught completely online. The results were pleasing and, well, completely exhausting. Things are just now starting to wind down as Amber, Kate and Annie unveiled the gallery site earlier this week and Burak and I are supposed to take the equivalent print piece to the printer later this week.

The camp itself consisted of three weeks of intense reading, discussing and creating with some really knowledgeable and friendly camp “counselors.” Many people on the web have already commented on the quality of the work and I think it’s even more amazing when you consider that most of the assignments were completed in twenty-four hours or less. If you haven’t already, take a look at the online gallery and, amazingly, I even managed to get all my work up as well.