S(h)ave The Beard?

Jan 29 2017 Kelly Norton

I read on the Internet that the beard trend is over. That's great news because I'm not trendy and I decided to stop shaving at the beginning of the year. I made it a few weeks without arousing any suspicion that I intended to keep the beard, but now it's time time decide: do I s(h)ave the beard?

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First I asked my family. The kids were overwhelmingly in favor of keeping the beard. My wife, on the other hand, wasn't so easily convinced. She reminded me that there are brand new razors under my sink and asked if I needed any help finding them. So the vote among family members was 4 to 1, but Stephanie claimed that her vote counted for more than everyone else's, so let's call it 4 to 4. Surely I'll have better luck if I extend voting to the Internet. I mean democracy hasn't failed us lately, right?

So help me break the voting deadlock in my house. Should I keep the beard or not?

BTW, cute cartoons of me are the amazing work of bitmoji.

Also BTW, I'm not going to do anything with your email address except send you a link to vote.