out of the gate

Sep 01 2004 Kelly Norton

Though somewhat unexpected, today turned out to be my day of initiation into the PLW. Just before lunch, I dropped by to see if there were any familiar faces working in the lab. I stumbled across Noah, who brought me up to speed and pointed out two ridiculously large flat panel monitors and a dual processor mac to serve as my workstation. There also happened to be a few folks in town for a simplicity planning event, so on my first day I was treated to a nice dinner at Royal East and even managed to sneak into a moblog. I suspect I will be hitting full steam very soon, as it seems the term “ramping up” would greatly understate the lab's current pace. Right now, I'm mostly relegated to configuring my new machine and eavesdropping on demos being given by other folks in the group, but the other new student, Burak, is already forging ahead productively so I will have to make quick work of all these administrative tasks so I don't end up with a dreaded frowny-face.