Relaxation Scheme

Oct 30 2006 Kelly Norton

I'm still decompressing after last week; I had forgotten how much I love the mad scramble to put the finishing touches on a release. The successive waves of frustration and triumph have always played to one of my strengths, stubbornness. And trust me when I say, it took much stubbornness to mark this issue “fixed but not released”. Now it's time to blow off some steam …

An iterative approach to relaxation
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It had started to bug me that I hadn't done anything of a visual nature in months. And on top of that, a couple of email exchanges with Maeda and an IM converstation with Brent had brought on some powerful MIT nostalgia. I had no other recourse but to do some graphics using scheme, the lovable little language created at MIT. My most vivid memory of Gerry Sussman, by the way, is an argument he had with an administrative assistant one day in class when he asserted that eating chalk would be a relatively harmless activity as evidenced by the fact that he had taken a TUMs earlier in the day. Ah, memories.

The source includes a half-baked cairo binding to chicken scheme for anyone interested. There are more fully-baked options, but I decided to hatch my own for simplicity's sake.