Kelly Norton is a designer and software engineer living in the South. He holds degrees from Georgia Tech's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and from the MIT Media Lab where he studied under John Maeda. From 2006–2012, he was a software engineer at Google working on Google Web Toolkit, Speed Tracer, Google Chrome and other stuff. He co-founded Connexxia LLC in 2000 to help universities effectively recruit high school seniors through online social engagement. He was co-founder at Monetology, makers of fine software products Homebase.io and FullStory. He worked on search at Etsy. Now he is loving what he does as he makes things at MailChimp.


S(H)AVE THE BEARD? I read on the Internet that the beard trend is over. That's great news because I'm not trendy and I decided to stop shaving at the beginning of the year. I made it a few weeks without arousing any suspicion that I intended to keep the beard, but now it's time time decide: do I s(h)ave the beard?
jan 29
THE HOLY FEAR As texts for sharing useful guidance and wisdom, religious texts are pretty much the worst. Visit the front page of any news site right now and there is a decent chance that much of the reported violence is rationalized by the teachings of one of these texts. So naturally, I generated my own using the King James Bible and Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
dec 3