no april fool, it’s a real design.

Apr 01 2004 Kelly Norton

Usually at this time every year, I am scrambling trying to put together something for April Fool’s Day. Putting together spoof pages is a lot of fun and hacking the company printer is even more fun, but time overtook me this year. Instead, I decided to push ahead on the new design that has been growing very slowly in a sub-folder since February. I still have quite a few things left unfinished, so consider it an alpha version. Now that it is up, though, I will be more likely to take care of those remaining issues. Interesting things about the new design include: web standards obedience, XSLT based publishing templates, a new cleaner and more advanced commenting system, and dynamic comment counts on static pages. John will be pleased to know that the new commenting system supports some limited markup and a pretty extensive set of character entities. Of course, it has not been thoroughly tested, so I should say in theory it supports those things.

Things will continue to change over the next few days, but I need to get some sleep so I can be fresh for my interview at the Copernicus Center tomorrow.