For LEGO fans

Sep 16 2002 Kelly Norton

LEGO fan growing up? “Just imagine” wasting similar amounts of time building models that are resistant to the mother of all disasters: the drop. Of course, it will be pretty hard to push your new speedster around the kitchen floor, or sink your PT boat in the bathtub, but it's also kind of hard to dump your trough of blocks out on your desk at work. ( Note to Peter, I would never build anything with LEGO's at work either virtually or physically. I am committed to our company-wide plan for world domination. I have Connexxia tattooed on my bum.) Anyway, If you are still reading this post because you found this page searching for “chicks who love LEGO's” then you really need to checkout LDraw so you can get that model of the Eiffel tower being eaten by a giant cockroach into the Brickshelf Gallery.