Sep 15 2002 Kelly Norton

Saturday, as Tropical Storm Hanna emptied her troughs over South Georgia, my 10 year high school reunion got underway. It was really good to see all the people who had wandered off from Cordele and some who hadn't. Even people who ten years ago could induce a hive breakout with their very presence seemed congenial for the short four hours we were there. But, all day Saturday, I dreaded going. I mostly feared walking into the room before the nametags had settled and not recognizing anyone though they knew me at first sight. I also feared that I might come across as pretentious, since my demeanor has changed so very much in ten years. I can't really say what impression I made on everyone, but my first fear proved to be the exact opposite. I was the one that no one recognized until I donned the nametag. I guess maybe I've changed since high school; I've certainly gained some weight. The highlight of the night, though, was seeing one of my best friends during the last couple of years of high school and the first two years of college. We lost touch after we took to rival campuses and began the endless moves around our respective college cities. Other of my old friends are now virtually my neighbors living in other areas of Atlanta not so far from where I work and live, unbeknownst to me prior to this weekend. And one thing they all had in common; they have all fallen victim to this thing they call “marriage”. I had assumed it was all just passing fad, but it seems it's here to stay.