May 28 2003 Kelly Norton
Hm, let me get this straight: Apple sells you a subscription to a service with a set of cool features. You pay your money for said service based on those features. Apple then provides you with an “update” a month or so later that reduces the feature set. Yeah, I have to agree with Cory Doctorow’s “Apple force-feeds customers shit, calls it sunshine”. At least I can stop entertaining any thoughts I had of switching over to a mac this year. John will, no doubt, smirk a little at reading this one. He has always been a little skeptical about Apple’s perceived role as the new benevolent alternative. This is another one of those cases where it is now acceptable business to screw an entire customer base to curtail the illegal activities of a few. The truly sad part is that people keep paying for the abuse. Here’s an idea: ask for a refund, walk away, and make them win you back with a better solution. You know ... the lauded virtues of capitalism and such.