May 12 2003 Kelly Norton
2003: A noodle odyssey
Despite my best efforts, Dr and Mrs. Noodle and his wife Amy set out for a 3 hour tour today … a 3 hour tour. The Noodle has prepared for himself one of those mad scientist positions at Sandia national labs, where he’ll be answering to the codename Q and searching diligently for communist intonations in Popular Science magazine. But before he can wear a government badge and coat his head with tinfoil, there lies several thousand miles of Ike’s Interstate system and a lot of road side attractions. Noodle with his great power over all things electronic has his TMobile picture phone posting directly to, so we can follow along from the safety of our Atlanta-based office chairs. I, of course, am currently trying to figure out what email address I need to send the photos of my butt to get them featured as part of their trip.