Dr. Noodle

Nov 21 2002 Kelly Norton

That's Dr. Noodle to you!

Craig has done the impossible; his dissertation is proposed, defended and signed. My boy's got mad smarts. Nothing left to do now but undergo a rigorous body cleansing exercise that experts call “excessive drinking” until graduation rolls around.

Watching Craig hammer through his 270 page dissertation cast some serious doubts on my own latent desire to return to graduate school. Of course, that's ultimately what makes it all so special; they don't just hand those out to just anybody and I know a lot of smart people who have fallen short.

The obvious downside is that butthead is about to take his new piece of paper and move away to some exotic place where all the PhD's play chess on the lawn and wear little bow ties. What he doesn't know is that at some point in the future, I'm going to pack up everything and live on his new sofa. If there is one thing a PhD needs it's an assistant.