Boom Boom Huck Jam

Nov 14 2002 Kelly Norton

Besides the fact that the skaters spent more time hiking to the top of the ramp after bailing than they did skating, Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam Tour was well worth the price of admission. As is usually the case at these “extreme sports” events, moto-x proved to be the crowd thriller. But move that awe indoors where the magic of a motorcycle flying thirty feet over the arena floor with the rider dangling from the handle bars by his toes is unmistakable and it can be pretty hard to notice the guys underneath on the lowly twelve foot ramp. Personally, I could have watched the “doubles” action all night. I put doubles in quotes, since rarely during the performance were there less than four people on the ramp at once. It has been over ten years since I skated with any regularity, but events like this still have the same effect on me that they did then; they make me want to go skate. How old is too old to skate anyway?