Aug 27 2002 Kelly Norton

Why do I write so infrequently now? No one but me really asks, but I feel as if I should offer up some explanation anyway. I have, this year, seen time unravel, felt the unbearable lightness of being and born the utter heaviness of situation. I have waived a principle of ‘all or nothing’ and found the latter unavoidable. I have learned all the trappings of trust and know now that ‘he who sees, follows by sight, and believes because he resolves to believe.’ But mostly, I have chosen according to the advice of others and chosen poorly. None of these are topics for a public journal.

I admit this is all vague gibberish that tends to paint this year as being more catastrophic than it actually is. But, don't misunderstand: My opportunities have doubled and my obligations have faded but there has been a price to pay. And, it is paid.