It's a boy … and a girl!

Aug 24 2002 Kelly Norton

After months of my mom and mark sending out insinuating emails about due dates and family growth, the bundle of joy has arrived and it was full of fuzz. I can't help but laugh at my mom who only caved in and allowed us to get our first beagle, Snoopy, after weeks of tears and ear-splitting pleas and would not acquiesce on our second beagle, Charlie Brown, until I convinced her to go see the litter. But, Linus and Lucy took no persuasion just a couple of months of opening the door to no serenade of howls. One never realizes how much their pets contribute to their smiles until they have to smile without them. As much as I have never considered myself to be a cat person, I have to admit to a tinge of joy every time Koshka bounces down the stairs to greet me.

Linus & Lucy
( photo by mark who likes rutabagas)