Mar 03 2002 Kelly Norton
Lately, I had been entertaining thoughts of returning to Georgia Tech to complete my abandoned Masters degree. It wasn't that I had revived a lost enthusiasm for electrical engineering; it was the thought of letting the credits whither and the need to feel that I am making some forward progress in life no matter how insignificant. Remembering my way around the old neighborhood I logged into Oscar, the student information system, and made a quick hand copy of my transcript. Then with a table of credits in hand I began tallying my deficiencies but sadly found that the quarter-to-semester transition and the new policies regarding allowable course work for minors had robbed me of much of my progress. While I once sat almost within arms reach of the degree, I am now less than halfway. A course per semester, which is about all I can afford given my work schedule, would take me out another 2 years. I guess it's on to plan B, whatever that may be.