Mar 02 2002 Kelly Norton
"… no characters …" I know precisely what I will be reading soon enough.

But anyway, that's not important quite yet. See earlier today, I was seated in the window watching the rain fall on the wall of crossties that makes a burrow of my little apartment. There are usually 3 cats sitting at the top of that wall; I like to think of them as sentries, but they were away today due to the rain. I was on the second floor, so I could see over the wall as well as into the moat, which is important because wet leaves provide no early warning. As I was drifting into comfortable thought about the future, the phone rang. Surprised, I grabbed hold of the windowsill afraid that the shock might take my balance and cast me out into the yard, but I was safe. I leaped into the futon and out into the floor reaching for the phone while bringing myself to halt against the desk.

— Hello!
— You are a sucker
— Am I?
— You will see soon enough … (click)

I thought it might be an intentional distraction, so I ran back to the window, but nothing had stirred either below or above the wall. While keeping an eye on the top of the wall, I backed to the desk and felt around for the caller id box. First I knocked over a cup of water and had to turn around briefly to brush the puddle into the floor, then I managed to grab the little white box which was blinking red above the LCD that simply stated "1 new caller." I scrolled back: "You are already screwed."