Any Spanish speakers…during a

Sep 05 2001 Kelly Norton
Any Spanish speakers…during a meeting today, I suddenly felt compelled to scribble coito de vacas on my notepad. Does that even make sense?
Only you can prevent foot in mouth disease!
It did in the context of the meeting, but then business meetings are all about assigning sense to the senseless. To whom the directive was intended, I cannot be sure. More likely, it was just a general assessment of progress. Or did it begin a list of more efficient ways to spend one's time? Who can remember the distinct events in a day of work? One only knows that tomorrow is another day on the dairy farm.

Monday, I actually began to pull together the long overdue Ireland pictures. I've been stalling in hopes of setting aside enough time to prepare something in Flash. While the primary intention remains intact, I have decided that something quite simple will suffice even if done in Flash. Hopefully, I will have that up soon and the Greek pictures will follow shortly thereafter. The majority of my efforts, though, have been thrown back into reading. Reading helps me shake that mental lethargy incited by the everydayness. The list of things that I need to be working on is enormous. I would take the time to list them, but that would be boring (more so than my usual prattle). Plus, some of them are secrets. Just kidding, none of them are secrets, I don't even know how to spell coup d'état.

Damn, 3:30, gotta go.

Yes, I removed the Horizon Organic Happy Cow. I like their milk, so I'll respect their copyright. (As if the two are if anyone noticed)