Will it ever stop raining?

Sep 03 2001 Kelly Norton
Will it ever stop raining? All I can hear is the thump of the drops on the air conditioner. Two nights ago, I turned off the air so that I could sleep with the window open. Now, I am so tired of the drone of soothing rain that I am tempted to go into the bathroom, shut the door and read.

There is only one thing worse than being confined to the house on a day like today, and that is being confined to the house on a day like today:

  Today's Headlines
  U.S. and Israel pull out of Conference on Racism.
  Refugees in limbo off the coast of Christmas Island.
  Chunnel to close amid the risk of train-hopping refugees.
  Israelis and Palestinians exchange more punches (as usual heavy armament is most effective).
  Protestant Irish throw things at children.

Perhaps, someone should be assigned to baby-sit everyone in the UK. (Exhibit 1, Exhibit 2). Maybe I'll go out and walk around in the rain.