Finally, an empty Saturday. Last

Aug 12 2001 Kelly Norton
Finally, an empty Saturday.

Last night was a Connexxia outing to the Georgia Shakespeare Festival to see the final performance of The Winter's Tale. The show was fabulous; I will definitely be back to see shows at the festival. So many times I've heard actors try to pronounce POWER in every freaking line of Shakespeare; this show was different. All the actors did such a fine job playing life into their characters. Ok, the guy who played Florizel tended to scream his way through a few impassioned lines, but that's about as far as my criticisms go. At one point, a group of us had plans to go out after the show, but that faded away before the curtain closed. That could have been fun as I know the people I work with have some interesting tales to tell.

Today made way for laziness. Up late, had some lunch at Fox & Hound, read a little, and drank a double espresso at the new Joe Muggs on Howell Mill. Later, I decided to revive some java skills and doodle. I should have been studying for the GRE; I want to retake it in case an opportunity ever arises. I've let too many things go lately. Do I do enough in a day? The answer will always be no.