Glug! We had a management

Aug 09 2001 Kelly Norton
Glug! We had a management meeting tonight that lasted until 10 … strategy … expansion … verticals … horizontals … lead times … warm leads …. cold calls … dial up … down the road … off the cuff … in the bank … on the brink. Now, I am spent. On top of general exhaustion, I believe I may be getting sick yet again. Perhaps I should try to get more than four hours of sleep per night for a while. Bah!! Twas a bad one - but enough!

Behind my apartment lives an old opossum. Seriously, he often walks across the cross-tie wall in route to the patch of woods next door. Last night I walked within a few feet of him, he on the top of the wall and me on the sidewalk below. He looked down with his disheveled and pointing snout and pretended that he could see me in all his relative blindness. Opossums are poets, like rats, old Chinese poets! At my last apartment, there also lived a opossum in my backyard. Strangely, both apartments are in the middle of Atlanta. I wonder if this is the same opossum?