Oct 01 2003 Kelly Norton
Well, my web address is up and running happily but emailing me for the next few days may be hit or miss. Dreamhost shot apart the last of my good graces last night when they inexplicably let their own domain expire. Unfortunately for those of us under their care, our MX mail server records were left pointing at unresolvable mail servers by their memory lapse. They were quick to update all records to dreamhost.net (which thankfully is still a valid domain), but due to the distributed nature of DNS it could take a few more days for things to stabilize. I think the real question is: How the hell does an ISP forget to renew their domain? For the love of god, that’s one of the services you offer to your clients: Domain renewal! All this comes on the heels of my decision to move my mail over to their mail servers. I guess it’s time to move my mail again … to someone else’s mail servers. Ironically, I started this move in an effort to get some of my mail functionality off of my SDSL supported Linux server at home for fear that DSL was not reliable enough to support a mail server. In hindsight, that little server running on Megapath’s network has done better in uptime than either Dreamhost (who hosts kellegous.com) or Bellsouth’s eBusiness Center (which hosts Connexxia’s corporate servers).