Aug 12 2003 Kelly Norton
For reasons unknown and probably insignificant, I decided to post my kludgey moveable type plugin code for extracting EXIF and the embedded Maker Note for Canon cameras. It is virtually untested, except on my photo blog and my camera (Canon Powershot G2). The simple little plugin reads out the EXIF data from JPEGs taken with Canon cameras and makes the information available though a movable type template tag. All of my photos, for instance, have six fields shown to the left of the image which are extracted directly from the JPEG using the plugin [1] [2] [3]. My thumbnails also depend on the plugin to extract the proper size for the IMG tags. If someone out there decides to give it a try, the installation and usage notes are in the included readme file. Since I threw together this little project, much more has appeared on the web including a full java library. If I ever recover from chronic laziness, I will actually gather together the test files provided in the above project and make a genuine effort to make the script a little more polished as it is little more than proof of concept code at this point.
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