Jun 17 2003 Kelly Norton
We’re on the brink of another of those dreaded warm weather thunderstorms. They come far too frequently these days and usually at night when there is the strong expectation of quiet. In fact, the rumble of approaching thunder is not near as bad as the absence of chirping crickets, when every night I have crickets. It is true that the dull thud of rain overflowing the leaf-filled gutter and dropping onto the hollow metal body of the air-conditioner is not entirely unpleasant, it’s just that I was betting on the sound of a cat shifting a bed of pine straw or the moan of a big rig on the distant interstate. I had counted on something entirely different tonight, and it was something other than a storm. I had counted on what I wanted, and expected nothing less. Now, as I sit, discontented with the growing cacophony of thunder and wind, I hardly know which is more damnable: the darkening sky or my glowing expectations?