God Bless Free Speech

Mar 27 2003 Kelly Norton
So much for Al Jazeera's attempts to reach English readers at http://english.aljazeera.net. The DNS entries for all of aljazeera.net are now resolving to an Exodus owned IP address (currently a machine named jerry.exodus.net) which carries the message:
This message brought to you by:
Freedom Cyber Force Militia
It appears that someone has wedged some new addresses into the DNS hierarchy somewhere, because root level servers (I checked a.gtld-servers.net) have what may be the original entries though as expected those name servers are not answering. Somewhere, though, there are name servers giving out mydomain.com as the authoritative name servers for all of aljazeera.net and I suspect the root servers will get updated pretty soon.
UPDATE: ARIN reports the IP address that I got from the root servers as belonging to RIPE.NET, who is blocking all queries for aljazeera.net. I assume the block is to reduce some of the DDOS traffic that has been reportedly aimed at Al Jazeera sites lately. Once again, DNS proves the weakest link in Internet architecture.