A New Schedule

Mar 22 2003 Kelly Norton
Posts have been sparse lately I know. In a fit of masochism or disillusion I decided to thoroughly change my daily routine from one where I sleep away the mornings so that I can work into the night to one where I will see the sun make its debut every morning. The new arrangement has taken some getting used to, and I haven't quite found a time slot for everything, including writing here. Of course, there is also the matter of my schedule intensifying which has been the impetus for the change, so the space available for putting things back in has gotten tighter anyway. This all comes from realizing that there are things I want to accomplish which require a significant time investment and that in the absence of some guiding schedule I will allow my time to be taken from me. But you will have to get up pretty early to tamper with my new schedule:
Midnight-3am: sleep
4am-2pm: work
3pm-6pm: sleep
6pm-midnight: doing what makes me happy.