Snowed in Boston

Feb 19 2003 Kelly Norton
By Sunday night, the local meteorologist had made it abundantly clear that our weekend trip to Boston would be extending into the following week. The bidding began at 12” of snow and increased with each successive news break. When the sun came up on Monday, the roads were clear and it appeared that New England weather prediction is about as accurate as Atlanta's, which is purely random. By 10 though, the snow began to fall and didn't let up until over two feet of snow had been deposited all over Boston. It was only 11am when they cancelled our 6pm flight, which was fortunate since it saved us a trip to the airport. A quick rebooking got us back on a flight Tuesday at 8pm, and we called up into Harvard Square for a room for the night. To our surprise, we did actually leave on Tuesday, which was mostly due to a promised midday snow storm that never materialized. But I will talk more about the trip to Boston in the next couple of days, right now I have to go put in some makeup time at work.