When I last saw you…

Dec 13 2002 Kelly Norton
E: When I last saw you, you were frustrated and convinced that you were off track. Now I see you again and you are still frustrated and still convinced that you are off track. Is there any end to this?
W: So long as there is frustration, all can't be lost, right? Frustration is what you feel at the foot of obstacles, yeah? Calm resignation is the end of it all, really, and that's an end I hope never to meet. Anyway, how is university life?
E: No place for me would be my response if there were any other place for me.
W: Frustration?
E: Nah, that's your calling. Mine is ¬Öcalm resignation. (grins) In all seriousness, though, the structure it provides has done wonders for my work …
W: A structured …
E: … work environment is the end of unstructured thought, which is then end of discovery. Always tear apart a system and look for the … what is it again?
W: Governing dynamics.
E: Yes, governing dynamics. Look for the governing dynamics.