Nov 06 2002 Kelly Norton

For the past month, my good days have been alarmingly frequent. I've been getting things in order, setting things straight, mending things broken, attending to things neglected and remaining uncharacteristically cool when those things resist. Even the unending string of rainy days did little to curb my contentment. In a way, I have always feared these emotional winning streaks since they seem to bring one due for a catastrophe. Of course, I also believe that Irony is the ruling force in the universe so my reluctance to have luck too much in my favor is understandable. For this once, though, I'm going to ride my luck out without any consideration of what evils may lie at the end of the path. Right now, I have such a very bearable appreciation for both the lightness and heaviness of being, so call it good luck or call it balance; I don't care to speculate.