Sep 03 2002 Kelly Norton

Man, will I be envious if Monsieur Noodle went and beat up some pokeman look-a-likes without me. Craig emailed me last week with the suggestion that we arm ourselves with digital cameras and a high tolerance for wooden sword blows and head over to some Dragoncon thing at some downtown hotel. But alas, I bailed and went down to Cordele instead. My apologies, Czar Noodle, I promise I am still part of Le Resistance du Chou-fleur.

So, as I was looking at all those costumes, I was reminded of my own long ignored desire to own a Big Bad Wolf costume. I'm convinced that it is possible to subsidize such a purchase through a government grant so long as I attend clown college. Maybe not. What I need is a patron to commision my life as a wolf. Any takers?

UPDATE: Arg, I am so envious.