Jul 10 2002 Kelly Norton
I guess at some point the damn thing just goes flat. I mean it never seemed all that stable to begin with; it squished underfoot sometimes all the way down to the foundation but it always rose back up as soon as the weight was redistributed. Now, it's just flat, like a Caprisun pouch on a hot summer day, and the worst thing is that it's more likely to be damaged permanently when it has to lay twisted and creased on the hard foundation. Oh, the very thought of a permanent deflation is alarming indeed since it figures into a more extensive plan of mine. The last time it deflated I nearly abandoned hope before all the patches could be applied, but I made it through, and I'll make it through again. It just takes a grimace-accompanied will and a good bit of raw stubbornness. Yeah, I'll see it rise again because, like I said, it plays a vital part in a larger scheme, and I don't have any other schemes.