I am the walrus

Jul 02 2002 Kelly Norton
Tonight Kristen had the Discovery Channel going on the TV when I looked up and noticed that we were following a day in the life of some poorly animated dinosaurs. A freaky bird-like raptor had just decided to try his luck eating a dinosaur that looks like “a half-plucked turkey and walks like a pot-bellied bear.” Huh? Who is that familiar voice? Who sounds so comfortable describing something as a “pot-bellied bear?” I thought for a minute, and when the “pot-bellied bear” dinosaur turned to the freaky bird-like raptor and said “my friend, you are entering a world of pain. … world of pain.” Hey, that's John Goodman! Now, how in the world does Walter Sobchak end up telling a relaxing tale of dinosaurs eating one another before they're all wiped out by a big falling rock.