Jun 20 2002 Kelly Norton
I decided to probe the waters and request permission to link to the linking form on the NPR site. Let us see how or if they respond. I'm sure their staff devoted to handling requests is absolutely swamped today. So, I sincerely hope that everyone linking them today is requesting permissions; nothing ousts idiocy like cooperation.
Proposed wording of the link and accompanying text:

The complete text has not been completed, but the premise of the essay will be a plea directed at NPR to remove the word "Public" from there title (thereby becoming NR) since the title misleads listeners (and readers) to the intentions of the network as evinced by their new draconian linking policy. I will also include a few quotes from as I try to argue that the network's linking policy contradicts their stated objectives. Example: How does stifling the exchange of ideas in a communicative medium help to develop “programming that will be responsive to the interests of the people?”