Jun 06 2002 Kelly Norton
For the first time in many, many moons IE is not my default browser; I'm going with the open source lizard. Only constant use will tell if it will remain, but so far I've found it to be stable and fast. Mozdev also has some nice Add-ons, like Optimoz which adds a mouse gesture driven interface (Which I would love a lot more if I could break the habit of word highlighting while reading). Plagued by the nightmare of Microsoft's MDI crap, I'm having to retrain myself to take advantage of “tabbed browsing,” but whenever I'm reading a page and seeing the spinning loading animation on a second tab I feel as if my effort will pay off in the end. Whether or not mozilla 1.0 remains my exclusive browser, this release is important to the growth of the open-source community and ultimately helps keep the Internet as a network of people and not a network of Microsoft profit.