May 20 2002 Kelly Norton
The old Sharpie wins again. While I usually leave the link posting business to the blogging pros, this one cannot be passed over. This reminds me of that scene in that Indiana Jones movie where the hero, Indiana Jones, is confronted with the two skilled swordsman intent on chopping him to pieces and just when you think he's about to become the tomato in the Ginsu commercials, the silliest thing happens: He pulls out the gun, which he always carries, and simply shoots them. Or better, it's like that scene in that movie where a fellow is chased into a room where he slams the door, grabs a chair, wedges it tightly under the door knob, and begins to pile stuff at the base of the chair to prevent sliding no matter how much force is applied to the door. As he sits exhausted admiring his impenetrable handy-work, the door opens and the chair falls out into the hall. Get it? The door opened outward, not inward … nevermind.
The sad part is, the RIAA will just add these losses to the tally of “money stolen by pirates” next year. The other sad part: more Celine Dion will be showing up on peer2peer … Quick throw down your Sharpies!