Apr 26 2002 Kelly Norton
That's it; I'm done with the car buying bit. Perhaps they misinterpreted my intentions; I was interested in buying an A4 not being run over by one. Car dealers have a way with numbers that baffles those of us who have done a great deal of abstract mathematics. You see if you can make any sense out of this word problem:
Salesperson T quotes you P amount on a car that has an MSRP of X. You realize that the color is not to your liking so you request a quote on a second car that has an MSRP less than X; let's call it Y. At the minimum, we can expect that the quote on the second car to be equal to P − (X − Y). Right? Apparently no, they quoted me a higher quote on the cheaper car and still they are well over the CarsDirect.com guaranteed price. Online buying, you are looking more and more appealing. Jim Ellis Audi, get bent.