Feb 14 2002 Kelly Norton
And today, boys and girls, we'll talk about projection in the context of human psychology. Projection is a defense mechanism employed to focus the point of conflict away from the self and onto another subject. In projection, one's own unacceptable feelings are attributed to someone else to cast off some anxiety associated with those feelings. For instance, if a person involved in a long term relationship began having feelings for another person, that person might project his/her feelings of waning interest onto the partner, claiming that he/she shows little interest or even making accusations of infidelity. This process of projection is a shift of feelings from within to without that enables the subject to abdicate responsibility for what one really feels. In doing so, the subject can ignore feelings of guilt, shame or rage. While severe cases tend to occur in people with serious psychological ailments like Borderline Personality Disorder, the healthy mind also employs projection to a more rational extent. But don't let the truth escape us, the projectionist is essentially coward.