Jan 29 2002 Kelly Norton
I realized last night that I'm not passing through a funk as I first suspected; I am merely bored. Since before Christmas, more of my time has been spent managing day to day tasks and alarmingly little devoted to designing and creating stuff, which is what I love to do. This occurred to me as I was watching Antitrust and admiring the working environment at the fictional NURV campus. All at once I craved life at the accelerator, the very stylish business incubator that provided Connexxia its first home. The place seemed more a studio than an office; with bullpen offices, no drop ceilings, turn of the century wooden floors, and a set of train tracks so close that dirt fell from the old ceiling when the trains passed. There is a certain energy in that type of environment that fosters a kind of creative positivism, a feeling that what lays before you in sketches and rough feature lists stands to become something truly monumental; you find yourself living in your own intense idealism. Some would say that living anywhere other than "in the real world" is foolish, but I would argue that living in the real world is essentially a cowardly act of resignation that stems from latent pessimism. The supposed "real world" is a necessary illusion anyway, right? Most would then respond in laughter, and hell, I should probably laugh myself; it might just be the first time this week.