And, it's still snowing. I

Jan 02 2002 Kelly Norton
And, it's still snowing. I have a fire burning slowly in the den, a cup o' tea steaming on the desk, and remote sessions open to work. What a great day. I only wish Kristen hadn't stayed in Cordele. And now, so does she. Earlier, I was out taking pictures of the snow when I heard a thud followed by laughter and a car alarm. Being a little worried, I didn't want to walk around the hill to see what sort of mischief had provoked the laughter, so I stood listening and watching the top of the hill. Moments later, two massive snow balls arched over the top of the hill and landed with a poof in the bushes. While they could not of been aiming at me, since they didn't know I was on the other side of the hill, I have to conclude that they weren't aiming at all. I retreated inside to dry off my camera, which has been busy periodically thoughout the day.