Yesterday evening I was feeling

Nov 20 2001 Kelly Norton
Yesterday evening I was feeling smarter, but as soon as I stepped out the door today I was dumb again. I'm sure that tomorrow will bring another dumb day. During today's dumb day, I peered down from the eighth floor office windows onto the interstate as a car burned in the left hand exit lane. At first a small orb of white smoke began to rise calmly, then as the firemen went to work, a cloud of swirling white and black plumed outward and covered the entire interchange with a Dr. Suess like structure, tiny base founding an exaggerated plateau. For a few moments, the car and flashing fire trucks were completely lost beneath the smoke, but minutes later the passing cars had pulled down the tiny platform and it was dissipating westward onto I-285. I sat back down and forgot about it; could the victim have really been a bank robber making a stealthy escape in an unassuming get-away car only to have the profits burn up in the trunk outside of Atlanta, just 20 minutes away from the airport and an island-bound prop plane. And now with such a ridiculous tale of irony to recount to all his buddies, he can say nothing that won't incriminate him, so he catches a greyhound back to North Carolina, the state of his crime. Around Greeneville there is a second ironic twist; he realizes that his wallet was stolen by the kid in the Breeders t-shirt that was riding in the seat beside him. Too beaten by irony to risk an encounter with the police, he walks the remaining five miles home from the bus station, opens the refrigerator takes out a can of beer, and turns on primetime news to see what's happening in the world. He thinks his grandmother was right, people are plum crazy these days.