I may have my

Nov 17 2001 Kelly Norton
I may have my pick for best movie of the year. Earlier, I grew tired of sitting around the house alone and decided to do something that I rarely do, go to the movies alone. A quick scan of moviefone.com didn't reveal anything that I'd been dying to see, so I started to look at all the non-Potter movies to see if anything piqued an interest. When I clicked on Amélie, it seemed the least likely of the movies to suck and it was in French; usually if someone goes through the trouble of lugging it from Europe to America, it's worth seeing. Apparently we plaster sub-titles on some of our worst movies and send them to Europe, but pretend to have high standards when their movies start showing up on the docks. Anyway, this movie is outstanding and I usually abhor romantic comedies (they conjure images of Richard Gere, ugg, and you know the gerbil images follow shortly thereafter). But this isn't a movie like Pretty Woman and its thousand clones, this is a good movie and despite the subtitles, the entire audience was in uproarious laughter during much of the movie. In fact, I may go see this one again sometime soon.