I do not give a

Oct 23 2001 Kelly Norton
I do not give a damn for your arbitrary value systems that are suspended, in all their weight, not just on mere faith, but on individual faith. So, if my faith presumes a world where the tales of seven dwarfs are the fabulistic foundations of a system of "virtue," what argument can you offer to discredit this seemingly absurd claim that does not also discredit your own sacred system? I will arrogantly answer for you: you wisely offer none. So condemn me in the name of yourself, and I will only chuckle. Pluck your own eye out if it offends, but leave me to my own judgments. Stand up and proclaim if you wish, il faut tuer les passions. But do not be offended when in return I repeat "Life has come to an end where the {earthly} 'Kingdom of God' begins." In addition, the offenses I am charged with are not in opposition to your codes. You are like the old cardinal, the Grand Inquisitor, who explains to the Lord, "…there is no need for Thee to come now at all. Thou must not mettle for the time, at least." You have in one hand what you claim is the universal, yet you alter it at will, clearly a liberty permitted only on the subjective. And lastly, against this rule you have arbitrarily added to your already arbitrary system of values I have no transgressions. You will understand that in the future I will disregard your assertions as ridiculous and unworthy of response.

My mother always said I would argue with a sign post. Perhaps this proves my case even more desperate, as I will apparently argue with no one at all. Yes, the argument is completely fabricated. Est-ce que tout n'est pas ?