I regained my wits somewhere

Oct 20 2001 Kelly Norton
I regained my wits somewhere around 5pm. Most of the day has been spent lethargic watching DVD's and feeling tired. Last night is a blur, being somewhat sleep deprived already and then leaving Craig and Amy's at 5am after talking about things and watching Monty Python sketches. The city is dead still in the early morning, much more so than the country. On the way home an ambulance sped past me with the siren off going east on North Ave; the flashing red lights shattered in the dew on the windshield. I ejected the tape adapter for the discman and Art Bell was boasting some graph appearing on his web site. A listener called in with encouraging words and proclaimed it, the conclusion to be deduced from the graph, his destiny. His show closed to a song by Crystal Gayle as I pulled into the parking lot, he never explained the significance of the graph. I came inside and laid down on the futon thinking how alive it makes one feel to hang out with friends, within minutes I was sound asleep.