I've decided to start drinking

Oct 18 2001 Kelly Norton
I've decided to start drinking on nights that I have to work. What use is the brain in that situation anyway? In between bursts of bulk emails, I have also been working on the Ireland pictures…not long now. It always takes longer when you decide that all pictures from Limerick should be captioned with a limerick. Hm, what rhymes with Guinness?

Tonight I had a dinner of reheated BBQ at 1am. I cracked open a Warsteiner, peeled open a Ziploc back of frozen pork, and opened the valve on the stove. As soon as I dumped the meat into the pot, it began to hiss. "What am I doing warming over pork at 1am?," is all I could think. I picked up the specifications for the Rijndael cipher block algorithm and sat on the floor beside the stove. There are a great number of outcomes that derive from the exact same state of affairs; that is life's lesson offered by cryptography. What the hell am I doing reading about cryptography? And how can that possibly coincide with the Selected Writings of Gertrude Stein?