Tonight, strange as it may

Oct 08 2001 Kelly Norton
Tonight, strange as it may sound, Kristen and I were apparently on the scene of a robbery. Around 10pm, we went up to our friendly neighborhood Fellini's home of the cheap late night food and the tasty high-fat salads. As we were getting up to leave, there was a tremendous thud from the counter area followed by some scuffling sounds. We couldn't actually see the source of the sound, but others looked only mildly concerned, so we assumed that the usual kitchen disaster was unfolding to the embarrassment of some clumsy waiter. When we went out the door, though, we noticed that money was strewn all over the counter and that much of the staff was out in the parking lot looking curiously down Collier Road. The register looked as if it may have just been returned to the counter and the jar always adorned with the witty "in lieu of poor wages" sign lay sideways on the floor. How very odd? Apparently, some guy had taken advantage of the open drawer, obviously grappling for the 20's, and made a clumsy escape down Collier. One desperate employee managed to fire a metal napkin dispenser at the fleeing criminal, but only succeeded in littering the parking lot. Since we didn't see anything, we went ahead and left. As we pulled away, the police were on the scene. We went home.