Weekends have become an annoyance;

Sep 24 2001 Kelly Norton
Weekends have become an annoyance; they are merely punctuations at the end of vacuous sentences. The events and friends that once filled a weekend are long gone, but I have no idea where they went. It is strange that in one's youth the stage of life is shared with friends, but with maturity the friends are relegated backstage. Friends are the one's that we see when we are attempting to escape from our lives, and very seldom are we comfortable enough to live life in their presence. All the people I know who gather on a Saturday night, do little more than drink together and watch movies or some other empty activity that really provides more of an escape from one another than anything else. Things could not have always been this way; I remember working on projects with friends…I remember just hanging out regularly. I'm having that feeling of loneliness again, as if that's not apparent. I hope this isn't the beginnings of yet another period of emptiness. <sigh>

I'll write again when I feel better.