!!exhausted and weak!! After an

Sep 19 2001 Kelly Norton
!!exhausted and weak!! After an all-night affair with a mail distribution script, I was able to nap briefly before Kristen and I left for Augusta to see her mom and dad jointly receive a National award from the Professional Photographers Association. They were excited to see us and had no idea that we had surreptitiously taken a back seat at the beginning of the ceremony. Our troubles were more than repaid in hugs. And besides, some of the award-winning prints were great to look at when we weren't ducked behind our suspicious neighbors.

On the way out of Augusta, we went into a waffle house just ahead of a crew intent on repairing the place. They took cups of coffee to their table and formulated a noble plan, to keep the coffee makers fully functional while they covered half the counter in a stained off-white cloth. The cook refilled my coffee cup and commiserated about late night movement while Kristen was in the restroom. We left the construction crew still brooding on their next move. We talked all the way home: lambasted some recent opinions, hypothesized on social phenomena, and weaved drowsily from one desolate lane to another. When we got home at 2, the iron was unplugged…thank god.

Now, I'm back in the email game watching the w32.nimda ( | admin) peck at kellegous.com. Life is begging for a new view port, this one lies stranded on a Cartesian axis.